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Movie TV Tech Geeks, NSALA Report Card: Only 5 Rescue Pets To Go for complete success

Movie TV Tech Geeks, NSALA Report Card: Only 5 Rescue Pets To Go for complete success

Movie TV Tech Geeks, NSALA Report Card Only 5 Rescue Pets To Go for complete success 2016 images

For the past year, Movie TV Tech Geeks has been featuring an adoptable pet – cat or dog – every week on our site. We have been able to do so through our teaming up with North Shore Animal League America, the World’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization.

Since 1944, North Shore has saved the lives of over 1,000,000 deserving animals, and we are so happy that we here at Movie TV Tech Geeks have been able to aid North Shore’s admirable mission.

Since September 15th of 2015, we have showcased a total of 51 pets in our weekly “Adopt Me” feature. From cute little kittens to full grown dogs, we have been able to shine a spotlight on countless animals who were, at one point, waiting to find their forever home. Fortunately, with the help of our loyal readers, we have helped find suitable families for almost all of these special pets (46 to be exact). We won’t claim credit for landing all of these adoptions, but we are proud to have taken part in helping raise awareness of these rescue pets needing a home.

With the astounding volume of pets currently in shelters, it is important for potential owners to be aware of the benefits of adoption. While North Shore Animal League America is a no-kill shelter, there are plenty of shelters that do not follow the same protocol. Due to the overcrowding of animal rescue centers, thousands of pets every year are not given the opportunity to live out all of their years.

nsala ny mets rescue

Many of these abandoned animals are well behaved, affectionate and more than capable of forming everlasting bonds with those who provide them with the love and attention they need. Luckily, shelters like North Shore make adoption easy for both first-time and experienced pet owners. Not only does adopting a pet from a shelter often cost less than buying from a store or breeder, but shelters are also looking to ensure that you (as a pet owner) have all the information and resources you need to enjoy a happy and healthy life with your furry friend(s). In fact, at North Shore’s very own adoption center they provide their pets with health check-ups, vaccinations, bathing and grooming.

To celebrate the incredible success rate (90 percent) our “Adopt me” section has had since its launch last year, we are so pleased to shine a light once again on some of the lovable furry companions that are still anxiously waiting to find their forever homes. Thankfully, there’s only five left that need a great home so check them out.

beth stern with north shore animal league america

If you know of someone who is looking for a rescue pet pass them the link as our mission has been to strive to as close to 100 percent as possible. When we first reached out to them last year, that’s what we told them, and it’s exciting to have taken a small part in getting the word out on these great pets that have been rescued from some horrific situations.

If you don’t live in the Port Washington, NY area, you can still contact North Shore Animal League America about any of the below rescue animals you might be interested in. They have offices all over the United States so they can direct you to their closest shelter in your area with a similar match.

Here’s how to contact North Shore Animal League if you want to volunteer or donate to this very worthy organization. Fourth quarter is coming up, so it’s a great time to make those tax deductible donations.

North Shore Animal League America
25 Davis Avenue
Port Washington, NY 11050

Phone: 516-883-7575

Once again, meet…

meet leeza nsalas latest rescue cat ready for a good home 2016 images


Our latest feature, Leeza, is an adorable 1-year-old domestic shorthaired Tabby cat. She was rescued by North Shore from the New York Tri-State Area alongside a whole litter of kittens, however she is the last of the bunch to still be looking for a home. While Leeza is a fairly shy kitty at first, she warms up to people quickly once she gets to know them and she becomes comfortable with her surroundings.

If you are interested in adopting Leeza, please contact Dorit at

LEEZA – Adoption #: MA2922

Calypso adoptable rescue cat movie tv tech geeks - MA2529


Back in July we featured 5-year-old Calypso, a striking grey-toned shorthaired domestic Tabby cat. While staying at the shelter, Calypso has made herself known for her attentiveness and infectious energy. She can often be heard announcing her arrival into a room and seen chasing her favorite play toys.

If you are interested in adopting Calypso, please e-mail

CALYPSO – Adoption #: MS2529

Meet Pom Pom NSALA’s latest adoptable cat ready for a great home 2016 images


Pom-Pom, who like Calypso was also featured in July, is a young shorthaired black domestic cat. Just over a year old, Pom-Pom has made his love for ear scratches and cat treats well known around the shelter. He is the perfect companion, as he loves to be playful and have fun, but he also appreciates a quiet afternoon spent purring away on someone’s lap.

 If you have had cats previously and are interested in adopting Pom-Pom, please send an inquiry e-mail

POM POM – Adoption #: D48272

meet louis nsalas latest adoptable pet dog movie tv tech geeks


Way back in February we introduced our readers to Louie, a 9-year-old Havanese-Papillion mix. Louie came from a tough upbringing, as North Shore saved him from a puppy mill. However despite his past, Louie is an incredibly adaptable pup. He has a sweet personality and is ready to be placed in a warm, loving home.

f you are the one to give Louie a much better life than she previously knew, please contact Kristie Delekta at for more information.

LOUIE – Adoption #PM5669

meet cuervo animal league america 2015 images


At the end of 2015 we featured an adorable pup named Cuervo. He is a 10-year-old Lab mix, who has a goofy and loving personality. The staff at North Shore has previously commented on how loyal Cuervo is, as once he gets to know someone he is always by their side. His warm demeanor and ear-to-ear grin will surely be the perfect addition to any suitable household.

Contact at North Shore Animal League America’s Adoption Center

CUERVO – Adoption #R159024

Moreover, while we have come across great success with our “Adopt Me” page so far, we are hopeful that we can continue to positively impact the lives of even more deserving animals. The cats and dogs we feature – like most pets in shelters – have so much love and light within them. Through their various adversities, these pets have developed an unwavering appreciation for being provided with the warmth, care and attention they should have always received. Welcoming a rescue animal into your home will not only change the life of the animal [for the better], but it will likely end up changing yours [for the better] as well.

drive over to nsala now

You can find out more about North Shore Animal League America and how to further support them at their website

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