ADOPTED: Meet Dixie NSALA’s latest adoptable dog

Meet Dixie NSALA’s latest adopted dog 2016 images

Meet Dixie NSALA’s latest adopted dog 2016 images

Dixie found a great home and is happier than ever.

What better way to honor the start of July than shining the spotlight on a deserving pet that is anxiously waiting to be adopted! As many of our readers know, we feature an adoptable pet – cat or dog – every week. Through our teaming up with North Shore Animal League America, we here at Movie TV Tech Geeks hope to help find homes for deserving pets, as well as raise awareness for pet adoption and shelters.

North Shore Animal League America is the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization. For over 70 years, North Shore has been rescuing animals and advocating their proper care. Since opening in 1944, the organization has saved the lives of over 1,000,000 cats, dogs, kittens and puppies.

The shelter is located in Port Washington, New York, where it facilitates animal rescue and adoptions, as well as plays a lead role in the no-kill movement. North Shore Animal League America continues to innovate better and more sustainable ways to care for pets, in order to create a brighter future for animals everywhere.

With their vision, “To put an end to animal cruelty and euthanasia and to create a world in which all companion animals find compassionate permanent homes.” North Shore Animal League America continues to make a positive difference in the lives of countless animals.

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This week we are pleased to introduce…Dixie!

At 2 and half years old, Dixie is a Terrier/Shepherd mix that was taken in by North Shore from a municipal shelter in Tennessee. She is a very sweet pup with soft, short, predominantly brown hair. Her joyful demeanor and caring personality makes her the perfect addition to any suitable home – preferably with children who are at least 6 years of age.

Terriers are known for being a relatively small breed although there are different variations. Dixie is more on the medium size of the dog spectrum and has long legs, a prominent tail and adorable perky ears. Terriers were first bred and trained to hunt rodents and vermin. Therefore, the breed is known for being active and high-energy. The name terrier is actually in reference to the Latin word “terra” meaning Earth, and it signifies their love of digging which was once useful for finding prey such as moles and badgers.

Due to their trained hunting past, Terriers are also notably intelligent and are quite responsive to training. They are often very single-minded, meaning that they become very concentrated at the task at hand, whether that be playing fetch or hunting prey. Dixie has proven to possess her breed’s responsive behavior, as she is not only housebroken (i.e. knows to do her business outdoors) but she also has very good leash manners. In addition, her particular breed is also known for being territorial. They are often protective of their homes and loved ones, thus, can form very strong bonds with their owners.

Rosie Tombolo, the Kennel Manager at North Shore Animal League notes, “Dixie would be a great companion to go jogging with and would love to play fetch in the backyard! She also enjoys down time and will curl up in your lap for belly rubs and kisses.”

If you are interested in welcoming Dixie to your home, the staff at North Shore asks that, if you have any dogs already, you bring them in to meet Dixie beforehand. This will allow Dixie to feel more comfortable and adapt better when she is finally brought into her forever home.

Moreover, Dixie is truly the perfect furry friend to have around. Not only does she love to be active and have fun, she is also more than happy to spend the night in and cozy up to her family. She has plenty of love to share and is just waiting to start creating an everlasting bond with the ones she loves.

If you are interested in adopting Dixie please contact Kennel Manager, Rachael Rudman at

DIXIE – Adoption #: T98332

North Shore Animal League America
25 Davis Avenue
Port Washington, NY 11050

Phone: 516-883-7575

Adoption Center Hours:
Sunday-Thursday 10am-9pm
Friday-Saturday 10am-10pm

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