‘Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse’ DVD Giveaway Hits

‘Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse' DVD Giveaway Hits 2016 images

For all y0u that have been asking us when we’re having another movie giveaway, here you go with your chance to win a DVD of “Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse.” It hits on July 5 so if you want to grab a copy early you can pre-order it here.

Otherwise, you can scroll down to find out how to get your grubby paws on your own free copy courtesy of our friends at Lightyear Entertainment. You can also check out the latest clip from the pretty funny film just below.

“Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse” centers on a mid-twenties telecom tradesman named Darryl, who winds up getting trapped in a telephone exchange with several of his co-workers. Unfortunately, it just so happens that while this is going on the rest of the world is going to ruins, as it proceeds to be overrun by zombies. Thus, Darryl finds himself amongst both his bosses and the company’s resident apprentices, as they fight over the rules of survival and safety in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

It stars three of Australia’s most popular comedians with Jim Jefferies, Alex Williamson, and Greg Fleet. Fans will be able to check out Me and My Mates vs. the Zombie Apocalypse just days after Jim Jefferies’ new Netflix Special, Jim Jefferies: Freedumb, debuts on Netflix July 1.  Jefferies is also well known in America for his FX series Legit, his 2014 Netflix special, Bare, his 2012 Epix special,Fully Functional, his 2010 Comedy Central special Alcoholocaust, and his 2009 HBO special, I Swear To God.  He regularly sells out giant tours in North America.

me and my mates zombie apocalypse cover


We keep it really simple for you and won’t make you jump through hoops. Just RT the Tweet below. See, we even put the tweet right there so you just push a button for your shot. We’ll choose our two winners on July 4, 2016.

So get Retweeting and get your chance to check this funny as heck film. It’s been a while since I’ve seen an Australian comedy that got me laughing so much and “Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse” will definitely get you going too.

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