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How to make a TV Lift Cabinet

Our apartment is the main thing in our lives. We spend much time at home. That is why it should be very comfortable and cozy. It is not going to be a surprise that the modern world is very unusual and people are rather unpredictable. Every day we create something new. We elaborate on many new automation ideas and try to implement them in real life.

One of the brightest examples is a smart house. Basically, there are many cool ideas to automate your house in order to make things simpler. For example, you can make some hidden lifts and cabinets. So, in this article, we will share with you the information on how to build a TV lift cabinet.

tv lifting out of cabinet

A TV Lift Cabinet: What is this?

Usually, people have a TV in the living room, as all of us prefer to gather together with the family and watch some films or TV shows from time to time. However, A TV can vary due to the size and sometimes it takes much space. Also, it can be inconvenient to keep your TV when your little kids have free access to the living room, as they can run and play with varied toys and balls. As a result, your TV can be broken. So, there is a smart decision on this issue – to build a hidden lift cabinet. The point is that you need to make a box that will have a moving mechanism to lift the TV up and down. When you want to watch it, you just need to push the button and your TV will appear. And when you finished watching it, it will hide in the case. It will save the space in your living room and it won’t be broken by children. However, to make such a lift, you need to use a linear actuator.

lineаr actuаtor images

The lineаr actuаtor

In fact, pеople usе variеd lineаr actuаtors when they nеed to cоnvert the rotаtional mоtion into the lineаr one. Today, there are mаny typеs of lineаr actuаtors (hydrаulic, pneumаtic, mаgnetic, elеctric, and mеchanic). Also, they vary duе to the size, capacity, voltage, and individual options. Іn аny wаy, it’ll be better to order your lineаr actuаtor on the official website https://www.progressiveautomations.com. This compаny has a wide rаnge of high-quаlity actuаtors, so you will fіnd оut thе bеst onе fоr yоu there.

1957 Chevy TV Lift Cabinet

How to make a TV Lift Cabinet?

Actually, modern technologies do not stand in one place. Today, you can find out everything you need in the open source. It is the same situation with the TV lift cabinet. You can buy the ready one, but still, it will be rather expensive. In fact, it can be cheaper to make your own one. Nowadays, you can face different ideas and designs to build the perfect TV lift cabinet for your living room. In any way, most of them require using the following equipment and elements:

  • A linear actuator;
  • The electric power drill;
  • Hinges;
  • Sheets of plywood (the material and size can vary due to the design and model of your TV lift cabinet);
  • The bottle of wood glue;
  • Rolls of birch edge type;
  • Bolts, screws, nuts;
  • Drawer pulls;
  • Door pull knobs, and some other parts in accordance with the design and model of your TV lift cabinet.

Basically, the process requires your time and efforts. You can create the design by yourself or just to take the ready one on the Internet. Also, you can find there the ready calculations and sizes. You just need to follow the instructions and do everything correctly. When all the components are connected, check everything several times before switching the lift to the power source.

tv lift cabinet outside by the lake

In fact, with the help of the Internet, you can build and create everything you want. So, if you decide to make your own TV lift cabinet, select the most suitable design, do some calculations, prepare all the materials, connect all the details, and switch the ready construction to the power source. However, it’ll be better to use only high-quality linear actuators and other materials.

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