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Here Are The Easiest Tricks To Get More Followers On Instagram Within A Short Period Of Time

Instagram is one of the most used platforms by brands, bloggers, and influencers to gain exposure and attract the right audience to promote their content. However, growing an audience and encouraging them to engage in every post is not a piece of cake.

Every marketer, influence, and blogger cares about their developing or growing Instagram account. The main aspect of succeeding on Instagram is to get more followers there.

That is why they surf the internet to find some tricks that could do magic. But unfortunately, the tricks are either case-specific or too vague.

If you are done with exhaustingly time-consuming tricks to score followers, keep moving forward to read amazing tricks to score followers:

Post Consistently/On A Daily Basis

A visual marketing tool, Tailwind studied Instagram’s profiles very closely. It was indicated later at the end of the study that the more often you curate content, the more followers and likes you get.

According to the study, to boost engagement, you must either post 7-8 times a week or at least once per day to make sure you are working consistently from your end. By implying this strategy, you can get more followers quickly as compared to those who do not post consistently.

Posting consistently is the key takeaway. Brands and influencers who post consistently or in a regular flow on Instagram tend to see the best results.

As per Instagram’s latest algorithm, posting consistently felt like a key element to us. Posting consistently puts your posts above other posts on your users’ feed. Your posts will start appearing at the top of every follower’s timeline. Hence, more chances of boosting engagement and getting followers.

Try Live Videos, Stories, and Highlights

Instagram first started as a photo-sharing network but now, it is beyond that. With features like highlights, stories, and live sessions, you can curate the different types of content and grow your following count immensely.

Your focus should be more on creating videos as Instagram users engage more in videos. Other than that, more than 400 million people see and react to Instagram stories. So, it is a good way to score followers, especially if you have mentioned a poll or a questionnaire for the audience.

Use Quality Hashtags

Hashtags are used in nearly every other social platform and they are necessary for engagement but not quite as important as they are on Instagram.

Using the right hashtags, relevant to your blog or your brand’s niche could expose your posts to a larger audience.

Due to hashtag popularity on Instagram, it is now possible to follow a hashtag as well. In simpler words, creating your hashtags for your blog or brand is the best bet to get fast following count on Instagram.

Encourage User-Generated Content on Your Profile

Sharing and embracing user-generated content is one of the best ways to grow followers quickly. All you have to do it hand-pick the best content curated by your followers and featuring it on your profile so that your page seems genuine. However, it is important to give credits to the original content creator so that you can keep getting it.

User-generated content also encourages a follower on Instagram to become a consumer if you are a brand.

Collaborate with Others to Score Quick Followers

Another way to grow your following in a day or to extend your reach to a wide-base of an audience is to collaborate with others through sponsorships and partnerships.

By building a partnership, you are likely to reach a new audience and provide value to your previous audience.

If you think this is your best bet as a brand, make sure to invest yourself in influencer marketing.

Post at The Scheduled Time

There are countless studies suggesting the best time to post on Instagram to score followers but the truth is, there’s no ideal timings or universal best time.

Timeliness of a post is one of the key elements of the latest Instagram algorithm. The best you can do is post at times when most of your users are active or online.

Use Your Analytics

One of the best ways to score followers is to curate quality and relevant content. But how do you know what your followers like? Well, fortunately, there’s a tool for that.

Instagram insights provide useful and credible data for you to understand what your users like. By directing to data insights, you can see the top posts on your profile having the most engagement from your followers.

Engage Your Fans

The more you engage your fans or audience, the more likely you are to be seen in the explore tab. Being featured in the explore tab is very crucial as this is the best bet to get followers in a short period of time. But how can you increase engagement to be featured in the Explore tab?

It is simple. Just engage with your fans by replying to their comments, answering their questions, replying to their DMs by using videos, etc.

Reciprocate by continuing the conversation. The more you include your audience in conversations, the more quickly you tend to increase your following count.

Invest in Organic Followers

Another great way to score followers quickly is to buy them. Many online platforms, such as https://instagrowing.net/ are doing a great job and helping millions of users to kickstart their Instagram careers by proving organic followers in bulk.

Organic followers are different than fake followers and do not mess up Instagram’s algorithm. Instead of affecting your profile, organic followers boost your engagement rate.


Finding out the right tricks to get Instagram followers is hard at the beginning but as soon as you get the hold of it and get above 10,000 followers, it is never difficult again.

In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a reply or contact us.

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