From screen to slots: 5 of the very best TV and movie-themed slot games

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If you think that the most successful movies or TV shows make all the money from the box office, or how much advertisers are prepared to pay to appear in their ad breaks, there’s a surprise in store for you. Even the biggest of Hollywood movies can make more from the merchandise and other related products than they ever do in ticket sales. TV shows are the same – and both expand into ever more surprising areas.

From clothing to board games and action figures to lunch boxes, there’s virtually no avenue that hasn’t been thoroughly explored by the merchandising teams who are always looking for more inventive ways to monetize franchises.

One especially popular method is in the slots game and the current generation of these makes it easier than ever to use elements of the movie or TV show to make playing a more exciting experience. For example, there’s the potential to play video and audio clips and even use the theme music as a backdrop to the game. With so much often being invested in creating an emotional and stirring score, this has obvious benefits for the slots designers aiming to make playing an immersive experience.

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Of course, slots machines have been around quite a while longer than the movies or TV. The very first of the machines was invented in the late 19th century by a Californian engineer called Charles Fey. Compared with the 50 cents jackpot of his Liberty Bell machine, today’s machines offer a far greater incentive to play – as the anonymous winner of the $39.7 million jackpot back in 2003 will tell you.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top slot games based on movies and TV shows.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

When A Nightmare on Elm Street was released in 1984 it announced the incredible talent of director Wes Craven. The story is about a nightmarish Freddie Krueger – a monster who comes for people in their dreams and murders them. The thought of being vulnerable even when you’re asleep proved to be an arresting thought for audiences worldwide and the film went on to have many sequels and even a spin-off TV series.

The slot of the same name captures much of the terror of the original, and best, film. For example, the music that accompanies the play is at first creepy and then truly terrifying as the game progresses.

Within the game, there are also references to a number of key plot points – including the importance of staying awake at all times to prevent Krueger coming for your soul. So when you trigger the “Never Sleep Again” round you have to pick up aids to help you stay awake including cups of coffee, phone calls to a friend or TV watching. When these run out, you’re at Freddie’s mercy.

jurassic world slot machine

Jurassic World

Another long-running film franchise that has given birth to an amazing slot is Jurassic Park. It’s hard to believe that the first of the series hit the screen as long ago as 1993, a full 22 years before the movie on which this one is based.

Some wondered how successful Jurassic World would be and what new elements it would have to raise it above the original. They needn’t have worried as it was an instant success going on to make over $1.6 billion from an original production budget of $150 million.

The slot of the same name perfectly captures many elements of the film, not least by featuring some of the main characters as symbols on its reels including Chris Pratt as Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire. Naturally, there’s also a good selection of reptiles who pop up to keep you on your toes, including those high-speed killing machines, the velociraptors.

But they’re nothing compared with the dinosaur who features in the game’s big money round; the Indominus Rex. When he turns up your winnings can be multiplied by up to 100.

game of thrones slot machines

Game of Thrones

George RR Martin’s epic tale of the battles of Westeros is one of the biggest TV success stories of the 21st century to date. The HBO series has captured the imaginations of viewers worldwide and has generated unprecedented levels of interest and speculation among fans. Its massive impact on popular culture can be gauged by the fact that even UK politicians have used it as a point of reference in Brexit discussions.

The slot of the same name may not quite give you the power of Jon Snow but it does allow you to serve the four great houses of Westeros, each of which has its own special round in the game. Of the four, reviewers have found Baratheon to be the most profitable to serve. But wherever you are in the game you can look forward to spellbinding animations drawn from across its many seasons as you travel not just through Westeros, but Essos as well.

the dark knight heath ledger head out of car window machine

The Dark Knight

The second in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, released in 2008, brings us a superb slots game which is just one of the many hundreds out there which rely on classic superheroes for their theme.

In this case, it’s the epic battle between Batman and his arch-enemy The Joker, unforgettably, and tragically, played by Heath Ledger in his last role before his untimely death in the year it was released.

The darkness of the tale is an important element of the game and this very much influences the visual styling of the nocturnal scenery. Just as the film is full of plot surprises, the game reflects this in the way that random cash prizes are awarded to keep the player’s interest turned up to the max.

It’s also what’s known as a progressive slot. This means it’s linked to many others playing the game with a combined jackpot that’s much higher than non-progressive games. Win it and you could be looking at some Bruce Wayne-style riches.

million pound drop slot machine

The Million Pound Drop

TV quiz shows are a logical source of inspiration for slots and here’s a really good example of one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually offer you the chance to become an instant millionaire – but then nor did the TV show.

For those not familiar with the format, players were given £1 million to start. Then they had to answer multiple choice questions. Depending on how confident they were of the answer they put a proportion of the cash on the answer. Get it right and they kept the cash, get it wrong, and it was gone.

This translates into an exciting round in this slots version of the show which you get to play eight full rounds of the cash drop and keep all the winnings that you’ve prevented from disappearing into oblivion. It sounds quite simple and basic but, believe us, it makes playing the game a whole lot of fun and can end up rewarding you with some pretty decent prizes.

If you know any more decent movie and TV-themed slots out there, let us know, but otherwise this is our pick of the bunch.

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