The majority of women in the whole world consider first sex as one of the main indicators of relationships potential. To cut a long story short, first sex with a new girl matters a lot. That is what researchers have been able to demonstrate time and again. That is why it is better to make a really good impression. Here you have several tips for having sex with a new girl. Visit this site if you need some online dating tips – these guys totally know their niche!

Do not rush

Many men feel nervous to have sex with a new girl. The rule of the third date (when the third date ends in the bed) is not exactly the thing you have blindly to rely on. According to many other researchers, the percent of those who want to date after 8-10 dates is pretty significant. So there you go. What you need is for her to give you some signals. For instance, she creates a special intimate atmosphere: invites you to a dinner at hers and hints that neighbors left the city. She will show you when the time comes, no need to grab her intimate places and whisper, “I want you” before receiving the sign.

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Use more kisses

The more you kiss the more she feels like sex is not everything you want from her. According to various statistics, only one of seven women is ready to sleep with you without kisses, hearts and flowers and the foreplay. Here are even some more statistics; two of three women refuse to continue relationships after the first kiss. It matters a lot as well, as you see. Be tactful. Do not pitch into her mouth right out of the blue. Swipe your tongue on her lips slowly and mix hard kisses with the soft sucking on her lips.

Do not force on foreplay  

So how to initiate sex with a new girl? Spend at least 15 minutes! On kissing, palming, gentle rubbing the upper regions before heading downwards. Women usually need at least 8 minutes to turn on. Left 6-8 are for her to realize you are trying hard to bring her in the game. Double the time and she will be right on the fringe. Go from the upwards to the inwards, from the outer part of her hips moving to the inner with the course of time!  Start with lips and end with tongue.

Use your head

To be even more precise – the tongue. All the ladies are usually divided into two parties: those who admire oral sex all the time (even during the first time with a partner) and those who feel awkwardness, therefore, it brings more distance rather than joy. The bravest, according to research, want you to spend not less than 15 minutes there! First, define the type. Go below her skirt and watch at the look on her face. If she follows your sight, smiles back and makes very pleasant-to-hear sounds, don’t even dare to stop. Apply tongue on the vulvar lips and slightly touch / massage her clitoris. Give her a sec to get her breath by kissing her inner thigh. Do it again and again.

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Be loyal to classics

First time having sex with a new girl is a huge moment for both partners. Do not make experiments on the first intimate date. First of all, you will demonstrate your better sides, because you’re surely more experienced in classic missionary than some very exotic from Kama Sutra. Secondly, your lady will be more confident as well if she knows what to do without your instructions. Lay her on her back with slightly bent legs. Put some pillows under her hips and head (it’s better if these are already on your bed). It will give you an ability to stand on your knees between her legs and enter by massaging clitoris simultaneously.

first sex with a girlfriend make it more than just bed

Make sure the story won’t end up with sex

Majority of women expect something more between the two of you than just sex (alternatively, she will warn it’s just a fling). No statistics is necessary. Show her. Start from an evident action – hug her. Again, some math. Give it 20 minutes. This is not so difficult, but the result is great. What is more, the possibility for an instant continuation increases in time. For a multiplying effect put her arm on your belly (like you want her to hug her). And the most important! Call her next day. Texts with emoji won’t work in this case. Give a call after work. This way you are not very impatient or needy, and she knows she is still desired.


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