eBay ‘Be the Blogger’ first winner announced

eBay 'Be the Blogger' first winner announced 2016 images

eBay 'Be the Blogger' first winner announced 2016 images

After going through so many submissions from the first round of our partnership with eBay’s “Be the Blogger” contest, we found one winner who really earned the $1K prize. The winner was Julie (she asked that her last name not be mentioned, and we respect everyone’s privacy), and her answer to the theme was “Writing as a Coping Mechanism.”

This is something I think many of us writers can relate to as it can be a great and intense form of therapy (saving us plenty of money on therapy bills), and she nailed it right on the head how this art form can do that.

Here opening words say it all:

“Words can be a powerful way to not only communicate with others but to communicate with one’s inner self as well. Pouring feelings into any written work is often not only therapeutic, but it can help people cope with stress, hardships and personal losses.”

To read it in full, you can head over here.

Movie TV Tech Geeks & eBay 'Be the Blogger' Rules and Conditions 2016 images

Don’t forget that there’s less than two weeks left for Round 2 of the eBay “Be the Blogger” contest. You can get all the information you need here to get you writing away. Again, you only have to write a minimum of 400 words, and this theme is something that everyone can relate to. You get to write about what summer means to you.

This is a pretty broad theme, so you can get your creativity going and think about all the ways that summer gets you going. Originality counts so let your writing freak flag fly high!

There will be two more rounds after this one ends on May 31st and Round 3 begins on June 1. Each of those rounds is also for a $1K prize just as this one so get firing away. You can enter each round also so you get three more chances at that prize.

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