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With Black Friday out of the way, an estimated 121 million people are shopping on Cyber Monday and through Cyber Monday Week. Naturally, the king of online retailing is Amazon, and they are proving why they are the king of e-commerce. Most of you know that you can go shopping at brick and mortar places, but more often than not, you can find the same thing for cheaper on Amazon, and if you’re a Prime member, that will include free shipping, along with a plethora of other great incentives that membership deal can provide you.

Knowing that some items on the Lightning Deals will go quickly, Amazon has made sure that shoppers know that they’ll more than likely be able to get everything they want and more through their 12 Days of Deals too.

Keeping checking our Cyber Monday section as we’ll continually update it along with Cyber Monday for your shopping convenience. You can also check out Amazon’s Black Cyber Monday deals here as they’ll keep changing as fast as a Kardashian’s Instagram page.

As they put it, “We have thousands of our best deals right here for Cyber Monday. Some Cyber Monday deals are in limited supply, and all will go quickly–but don’t worry if you miss one because we’ll keep adding new ones as often as every five minutes throughout the day, and all week long.”

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Below is a great sampling of the deal you can get today and throughout the week:

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Does Bezos think that Amazon’s growth is unlimited? Probably so — and so do analysts on Wall Street. Thomson Reuters expects 20% sales growth in 2015 and 2016. The consensus estimate is over $107 billion in fiscal 2015 and almost $130 billion for fiscal 2016.

Amazon is now over 20 years old, and it is still valued at over 300 times expected 2015 earnings and valued at well over 100 times expected 2016 earnings.



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