Riding a scooter is fun, but keep in mind that scooter injuries do occur. Care must be taken to be cautious when you are using a scooter, and proper equipment should be worn since falls can easily happen while you are first learning. However, once you learn the basics of how to ride your scooter, you can progress to some cool scooter tricks for newbs.


The first thing you will want to do is make sure that you have the correct size scooter for your age, height, and weight. You want it to be to be sturdy and appropriate for your skill level and size. Helmets, sneakers, and knee and elbow pad are must haves.


Choose an area to ride that is free from a lot of loose stones, and doesn’t have any traffic. The safest place to practice on a scooter is a flat area like that of a skateboard park, a paved outdoor basketball court, or a backyard patio that doesn’t have stairs.


If you can’t stand and ride on your scooter, you can’t do cool tricks. Once you master your stance and can ride around without falling, you can start practicing some moves.

Putting one foot on the scooter deck and the other on the ground, remembering that the handle bars are not only for turning, but also for balancing. Use your dominant foot to push off and propel forward. Once you get the hang of that, try putting that foot on the deck while you are moving forward. Use the handlebars to turn, moving them slowly, not in quick, jerking motions.

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Scooter Tricks

Now that you have mastered riding your scooter, you can practice some tricks. These are relatively easy to learn, but you should not rush into them. Make sure that you are comfortable riding your scooter, first, before attempting one of these cool tricks. Otherwise you will spend more time on the ground than on your scooter.

boy doing wheelie on scooter


While riding your scooter, pull the handlebars up. It will take some practice to get the balance just right, as you don’t want to pull up too hard and fall over, but if you don’t pull up hard enough you won’t accomplish anything. You may need to reposition your feet so that you get a little more weight to the back of the scooter to get the front wheel to pick up. Keep practicing this until you can balance on just the rear wheel while moving forward.

boy doing wheelie on scooter


While moving forward, place both your feet on the deck. Bend your knees and jump up, holding onto the scooter the whole time. You will also want to pull on the handles simultaneously, trying to keep it level in the air. This will take some coordination, but when the timing is right you will be able to hop on your scooter. Make sure that when you land that both wheels hit the ground at nearly the same time. Otherwise you might flip your scooter, and yourself.

scooter tricks bar spin

Bar Spin

Using the same thought process that you used with the hop, the bar spin can be done with a bit of practice by lifting the front wheels and spinning the handlebars. You will want to make sure that you grab the handlebars when they make a 180 degree turn and then repeat the process spinning the handlebars back to their original position. If the handlebars do not make a complete 180 degree turn you will fall over when you hit the ground, so make sure you have the hopping down and are getting high enough in the air to make a half rotation of the handlebars. This one is a trick for regular scooters, not electric, since most of these handlebars won’t spin around.

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scooter nose pivot trick

Nose Pivot

This trick combines both the hopping and bar spin trick, but instead of rotating the bars, you rotate your body and the deck. While hopping in the air, you will keep the wheels straight. Once you are vertical you will grab the handle bars tightly and rotate the deck with your feet 180 degrees. When done right you will land moving straight in the opposite direction.   

There are a ton of other cool tricks that you can do, once you master these scooter tricks for newbs. Remember to take your time and practice each part of the techniques before putting them all together. Chances are you won’t get it right the first time and this is ok. The idea is to keep at it and have fun with your scooter.

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