Create RSS feeds OPML files with OPMLBuilder


FeedShow OPMLBuilder lets you create an OPML file from a list of RSS url or from the links included in any web page.

Some web sites offer RSS feeds, but don’t provide OPML files (see Yahoo News).
OPMLBuilder will let you build a clean OPML file that you can easily import
in your favorite RSS reader.


(Use * as a wildcard)

(Response time depends on remote servers…)

Clear form


  • If you already have a list of RSS links:
    • Fill in the list area and “Create OPML”. The script will create the OPML file for you.
  • If you don’t have a list, but you have a web page with many RSS links and no OPML:
    • Enter the “web page URL” and “Get Links”
      (Click “Only alternate links” if you want the tool to discover feeds from the HTML header).
      A list of detected links will be shown.
    • Create a filter (via extension or custom filter) to keep the links you want (RSS feeds)
    • Check that the list is the one you want (you can edit the list manually if required, and
      Click on “Create OPML” to build your custom OMPL file.

The “Get links MIME types” button is a special feature that shows the MIME types of the documents
the links are referring to. RSS feed are commonly sent as “text/xml” or “application/rss+xml” or “application/rdf+xml”
or …(!). The OPML builder uses a green color to show any “…xml..”. MIME type (these should be RSS feeds!).

Temporary OPML files are created (files are purged periodically, so don’t link to these files). Your browser will redirect to these files.
These files can be used by any application, such as RSS readers (import feature), RSS validators,…
You can also save your OPML file using your browser “File->Save as” option.


As an example you can follow these steps to build an OPML file with all the RSS feeds provided by Yahoo news.

  • Enter the web page Url: and click “Get Links”
  • Enter a custom filter:* and click “Custom filter”
  • Check that the links are the one you want (you can modify the list)
  • Click “Create OPML” to build an OPML file