Holiday season is one of the best time for gamers, and this year is no different as Microsoft has unleashed the fastest video game console on the market with their Xbox One X. Nintendo is also back in the game with their Nintendo Switch that is revolutionizing gaming on the go.

We’ve published a great article to show you the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on every major video game console and games here, but some of you might be confused on which one is right for you or your family.

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playstation vr black friday deals 2017

By mid-November, the biggest video games have reached store shelves and digital store fronts. And with Black Friday approaching, there are plenty of deals on both games and hardware to go around.

The holidays are equally critical to the video game business, which is expected to generate $7.5 billion in retail and online console game sales this year, according to consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“It should be a very good holiday for video game sales,” said NPD Group analyst Mat Piscatella.

For video game players who have yet to make the leap, or for parents and loved ones in search of gamer gifts, the big question is: What game console should I choose?

Here are your options:

sony ps4 slim pro and ps vr hot holiday deals


How much does it cost?

The standard model costs $299.99, while the PS4 Pro model costs $399.99.

Why should I choose this console?

Although the overwhelming majority of top console games are available across multiple platforms, PlayStation still hosts a diverse selection of titles strictly for its console, ranging from fantasy to racing games. Plus, for baseball fans, it’s the only one with a true official baseball simulation in its MLB: The Show series. Both models support HDR (high-dynamic range) and let you use PlayStation VR, which is currently the most affordable high-end option for virtual reality.

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On Pro models, you gain improved 4K resolutions on games and streaming apps such as Netflix. There’s also access to PlayStation Vue, Sony’s over-the-top streaming TV service, available for a monthly subscription. It also supports other entertainment apps including Amazon Video and Hulu, as well as monthly subscription service PlayStation Now, where players can enjoy older games.

I’m buying this for my kids. How are the parental controls?

Users can restrict the types of games based on age. PS4 separates them by level. For example, the maximum Level 9 is for players 18 and older, while Level 5 applies to players age 13 and up. When a level is chosen, it will only play games with the appropriate ratings. So, for Level 5, it can play anything rated Teen and below. You can also set age levels for the use of Blu-ray Discs or DVDs, as well as restrict access to the Internet browser or PlayStation VR. Accounts are guarded with a four-digit passcode.

xbox one s vs xbox one x hot holiday deals


How much does it cost?

The Xbox One S starts at $249.99, while the Xbox One X starts at $499.99 and you can get those here.

During Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holidays, the price on the Xbox One S will drop so keep an eye here for any changes to save you money.

Why should I choose this console?

You can play a lot of the same games you can on a PS4, but at a lower price. Another key advantage: both models support 4K video streaming and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs. If you choose to bump up to the X, you get 4K gaming as well as a more powerful device that will load games faster. Xbox supports many of the same entertainment apps such as Netflix and Hulu, as well as exclusives like the NFL. (Amazon Video is in the works.)Owners of Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles can play their older games, whether they bought them digitally or still have them on disc. Xbox also has its own subscription games service, Game Pass, for older titles.

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I’m buying this for my kids. How are the parental controls?

Owners can restrict the types of games, music, apps, and videos that stream through the Xbox One based on ratings. There are two options for filtering the console’s browser: allowing basic communication and blocking all adult sites, or limiting surfing to only sites added by parents. Owners can also limit what kids can download from the Xbox store, whether it’s just free apps and games only, or nothing at all.

nintendo switch console hot holiday deals


How much does it cost?

There’s only one model, and it starts at $299.99, and you can keep an eye here for any holiday price drops.

Why should I choose this console?

It is like having a home and mobile console in one device. The Switch docks into a charging station connected to your television. Users can pop out the tablet-like device and play it like a handheld, with its two Joy-con controllers at the sides. Users can also remove the controllers and prop up the Switch using a kickstand in tabletop mode. Plus, as with other Nintendo devices, Switch is more family-friendly.

I’m buying this for my kids. How are the parental controls?

Of the three, Switch has the best features for parents, highlighted by a mobile app for iOS and Android. In the app, parents can set the types of game their kids can play, and if or when they can communicate with other players. Where Switch dominates its peers is the option to set timers to limit how long your kids can play, along with summaries of their activity.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on all the major retailers throughout the entire Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 holiday shopping period. So you might want to bookmark my page and if you want to be notified by breaking deals as they happen, follow us on Twitter or Facebook so you know right as they happen or just keep coming back here to our Black Friday, Cyber Monday section.



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