Causes and Effects of Plagiarism in US Universities

cause and effects of plagiarism in american university

Earlier, before the internet had penetrated in all the walks of our lives, plagiarism issues were minimal. Access to information was limited to the books and publications that were available locally. However, when the internet became popular or rather even an inseparable part of each student’s life, it became easier to get information. The web provided access to the information from the best resources in electronic form. And with the access to information, plagiarism issue appeared.

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Hence, about plagiarism. More and more students started copying the content found on the web in their papers without providing any references to the original work. It looks harmless initially, a student doesn’t write a paper on his/her own, but why there is a problem that he/she copies it? 

It is a problem of students only, their attitude to studies, to the work of other people. However, not all is that simple. Plagiarism has negative effects, not only on one particular student. It influences the education level in general; it depreciates the initial work of somebody, the paper, or publication from which the content was stolen.

That’s why the problem of plagiarism is discussed very actively now, and ways were developed to solve it. Now, there are a lot of special tools that detect plagiarism and even provide links to the sources from which the content was stolen. That’s why we can say that the issue is being solved little by little. However, the question “Why do students plagiarize?” is still open.

Why Do Students Copy Content Instead of Writing It?

Hence, why do students plagiarize? Why do they prefer to copy parts from different sources without even changing them? There are some reasons for it.

  • Some students don’t have enough information about copyright, plagiarism, and so on. In other words, such students might simply believe that it is absolutely ok and nobody will suffer if they take a couple of sentences from one work, another couple of sentences – from another one, and so on. This reason to plagiarize is not so common as it was some years ago, but still, it is possible to believe that some students don’t know that such a thing exists. Moreover, they don’t know what consequences it brings and how it influences their own reputation. Now, however, there is a lot of information about plagiarism and how to detect it.
  • Some students don’t know enough knowledge. That’s why the only way to write a nice assignment is to copy-paste it. In such a case, the optimal way is to order a high-quality essay or any other paper from a professional academic writing service, such as CustomWritings. And later, after the paper is submitted and accepted by the teacher, the student can learn materials better. Many students, however, just submit the ready paper and forget about it. It is also fine, and for sure, it is better than copy-pasting the content and pretending they have written it themselves.
  • There is, however, a category of students who know everything about plagiarism, ethics, and so on, but they just ignore the general rules. Such ignorance tells a lot about the person. And this is a case that cannot be excused.

Effects of Plagiarism

Plagiarism leaves its effects on students. If a teacher discovers that one of another paper is plagiarized, he/she will be very unhappy. It is needless to say that such a paper will either get the lowest grade or will not get any grade at all. Moreover, the trust in such a student will be lost forever.

Students who plagiarize lose interest in study and creativity. In such a case, you can only imagine what the consequences can be. The loss of interest and motivation might even make the student drop the college.

In the future career, such an experience of plagiarizing the content will also have a negative influence. Students who are used to plagiarize have already forgotten what real work is. It means that they will not be able to handle tasks that are more complex than just following the rules. And it, in turn, means that such people will not be able to move up in the career. Even in some American movies, this issue was discussed. And of course, the consequences for the plagiarizing party were sad, even though in some cases, some time was needed to discover the fraudster (plagiarism is a fraudster, by the way) Hence, plagiarism has long-lasting negative effects.

Now, however, the issue is not so actual. It doesn’t mean that there are fewer people willing to deliver non-unique papers. However, tools have been developed that detect plagiarism, any form of it. All one needs to do is to open such a tool, to copy the text there, and to check. Anti-plagiarism tools even provide you with a link to a source from which the content has been stolen.

As you can see, everybody who plagiarizes is under a risk constantly and it is a serious problem in education nowadays. Hence, either write all on your own or ask a professional to do so.

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