noah eaten by zombies in walking dead for glenn spend 2015 images

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Ep 14 Recap: Spend Cut & Run

The title for this week's episode of The Walking Dead has me puzzled as I'm not sure what meaning 'Spend' holds. The opening is a scene of Father Gabriel tearing pages out of a Bible after seeing a nice note from a townie saying how blessed they are to have him in Alexandria.
the walking dead 701 premiere is a tough watch for the day will come 2016 images

‘The Walking Dead’ Premiere: Tough watch for The Day Will Come

What does the gruesome season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead have to do with The Art of War? Well, our hero Rick didn’t adhere to these ancient rules of warfare
the walking dead 612 maggie carol at gunpoint 2016 images

‘The Walking Dead’ 612 Will Carol or Daryl Survive the season finale?

Well, we still haven't seen any sign of the fearsome Negan on "The Walking Dead." Rick Grimes and company did make short work of his crew at the bunker though, so maybe Daryl was right and “this guy ain't shit."
THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Ep 10 Fresh Faced Aaron Shows Up

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Ep 10: Fresh Faced Aaron Shows Up

This week's episode of "The Walking Dead" was a depressing affair with the group walking as if in slow motion as they were dehydrated and down from some recent deaths.
the walking dead 614 twice as far rip dr denise 2016 images

‘The Walking Dead 614 Twice As Far, RIP Dr Denise & So Long Carol?

It was going to be tough for "The Walking Dead" to match the past couple episodes. Killing a bunker full of Neganites one week, then having Carol and Maggie turn the tables on their kidnappers the next set the bar pretty damn high.
the walking dead at 100 episodes now what 2017 images

‘The Walking Dead’ hits 100 episodes: Now what?

As "The Walking Dead" hits its 100 episode mark, fans are wondering if they can get back to what made the show so special to them. We visited the set to get an idea of what to expect from the upcoming season.
the walking dead 608 start finale 2015 images michonne

‘The Walking Dead’ 608 Start To Finish Blowout Finale

This week marked the mid season finale of "The Walking Dead." Once again Team Grimes has to deal with a threat to their new homestead. The producers felt the need to hit us over the head with the symbolism
The Walking Dead' 610 Jesus visits 2016 images

‘The Walking Dead’ 610 Jesus visits & Richonne’s Next World

Something terrible happened on last night's The Walking Dead. The internet got to roll out one of their “clever” name mashups and Richonne is now hashtagging it's way through Twitter.
the walking dead 604 heres not here 2015 images

‘The Walking Dead’ 604 Here’s Not Here & A New Hero Emerges

If the first three episodes of The Walking Dead were just too action packed for you then you were in luck with episode number four. I like Morgan’s character, but I didn’t need an entire show dedicated to showing how he evolved into the peace loving Aikido practitioner he is today.
'The Walking Dead' 703 Daryl and Negan tangle in that Cell 2016 images

‘The Walking Dead’ 703 Daryl and Negan tangle in that Cell

It looks like The Walking Dead's Glenn and Abraham got off easy with Negan. The survivors who are now his slaves will be living a rough life. Daryl’s treatment in episode three was deplorable.

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