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SURVIVOR SAN JUAN DEL SUR Episode 8 Recap – Josh Canfield Gets Ousted

On this week’s Survivor the castaways were disgruntled because Julie unexpectedly quitting the show last week left them without a tribal council that night. This screwed up the strategies of several of the 11 remaining contestants and they expressed their displeasure over it.
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SURVIVOR SAN JUAN DEL SUR Episode 9: Big Man Jeremy Out

On this week’s Survivor the castaways discussed their alliances with their teammates. Jon stated that if there was anything he had learned from watching past seasons of Survivor
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SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART Ep 4&5 Recap: Lindsay Maxed Out

On this week’s Survivor Worlds Apart, Hali said it was great to come back to camp from tribal council and see a campfire started. Mike found a snake and told his fellow tribe members to get a machete so they could kill it.
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The new tribe gets put to the test on this episode of "Survivor," the Angkor tribe went to camp, and Jeff said he was loyal to Abi and he had to kiss the butts of his other tribe members.
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Reed and Josh are stirring up trouble for themselves by acting more like they are guests aboard the Love Boat than contestants on a show where you have to eat things no human being should have to eat, just to survive long enough on Survivor San Juan Del Sur

SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART Ep 3 Recap: Nina Washed Out

On this week’s Survivor: Worlds Apart, Joe said he no longer trusted Will because Will was not supposed to vote Vince off the island, but he did. Nina stated to her fellow tribe members that she knew she would be the one voted off this week.
survivor san juan del sur episode 8 images 2014

SURVIVOR SAN JUAN DEL SUR Episode 7 Recap: Julie Back To Rocker Country

As this week’s Survivor kicked off the castaways discussed the problems caused by Dale. Turning to the new challenges that await them the castaways read a tree mail including instructions
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In the premiere episode of Survivor’s 30th season called Worlds Apart, the three tribes were introduced to viewers. Contestants were divided up into these three tribes based on what they do for a living as well as their general approach to life.
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‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3106: Devil Bunking & Eating Oddities

Surprises hit on this episode of "Survivor Second Chance," at Ta Keo's camp, Jeff Probst showed up in the middle of the night with bad news for Deitz. His son was in serious condition in the hospital and his son's doctor, as well as Deitz's wife, urged him to come home right away.
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‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3112 Villains Have More Fun Except Abi

On this week's episode of "Survivor: Second Chance," Abi and Spencer discussed that it was best Joe had been sent home. Kelley said that now everyone had an equal shot at winning challenges.

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