survivor 3102 shirin spencer jump from top to bottom 2015

SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE 3102 Shirin & Spencer Go Bottom Up

Spencer and Shirin got to see how quickly things change on this episode of "Survivor: Second Chances," and Kelley said Tribal Council was devastating and this isn't how she wanted it to start out.
survivor second chance 3110 selling your soul 2015 images

‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3110 Selling Your Soul Off Recap

The blindsides kept coming on this week's episode of "Survivor: Second Chance," and at Orkun's camp, Jeremy said Ciera might be the next one to be sent home.
jeremy collins second chance on survivor pays off 2015 images

Jeremy Collins’ Second Chance On ‘Survivor’ Pays Off In History Making Season

On this week's season finale of Survivor, Kimmi said she now had the perfect opportunity to swoop in and make her dreams happen. Kelley said Kimmi figured out if she sticks with the guys she night not make it to the end of the game.
survivor 3106 devil bunking and eating things 2015 images

‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3106: Devil Bunking & Eating Oddities

Surprises hit on this episode of "Survivor Second Chance," at Ta Keo's camp, Jeff Probst showed up in the middle of the night with bad news for Deitz. His son was in serious condition in the hospital and his son's doctor, as well as Deitz's wife, urged him to come home right away.
survivor san juan del sur episode 8 images 2014

SURVIVOR SAN JUAN DEL SUR Episode 7 Recap: Julie Back To Rocker Country

As this week’s Survivor kicked off the castaways discussed the problems caused by Dale. Turning to the new challenges that await them the castaways read a tree mail including instructions
survivor second chance 3112 villains have more fun except abi 2015 images

‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3112 Villains Have More Fun Except Abi

On this week's episode of "Survivor: Second Chance," Abi and Spencer discussed that it was best Joe had been sent home. Kelley said that now everyone had an equal shot at winning challenges.
survivor worlds apart ep 4 5 cast outs 2015

SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART Ep 4&5 Recap: Lindsay Maxed Out

On this week’s Survivor Worlds Apart, Hali said it was great to come back to camp from tribal council and see a campfire started. Mike found a snake and told his fellow tribe members to get a machete so they could kill it.
vince vanquished bulge from survivor worlds apart 2015

SURVIVOR WORLDS APART Ep 2 Recap: Vamoose Vince

On this week’s Survivor Worlds Apart Dan lost his underwear in the water and had to create a new pair using the resources he had available to him. He took his belt and wrapped it around his waist to secure his shirt well enough to cover his rear end.
survivor second chance 3107 adios chaos cass 2015 images

‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3107 Adios Chaos Cass

On this week's episode of "Survivor Second Chance," at the Ta Keo camp; Andrew said his fellow tribe members were liars and he thought he was better at reading people. He said he felt Kass betrayed him but he wouldn't go down without a fight.

SURVIVOR SAN JUAN DEL SUR Episode 13: Natalie Creates Blindside Magic With Jon Misch

On this week’s Survivor, after Alec being voted off last week, there are six survivors remaining. Discussions centered on Alec having been voted off when some of the remaining survivors had other plans to eliminate Keith instead.