Stephen Lobo talks his 'Supernatural' death & Winchester brothers torture 2017 images

Stephen Lobo talks his ‘Supernatural’ death & Winchester brothers torture

I had a chance to catch up again with Supernatural’s Stephen Lobo following Rick Sanchez’s untimely death at the hands of our dear Mr. Ketch. Who knows, we might see Stephen again
The Angel Question Supernatural 1209, First Blood 2017 spn images

The Angel Question: ‘Supernatural’ 1209, First Blood Review

"Supernatural" Episode 250. Way to emphasize the number with a great episode. It’s pretty dark, emotional and has lots of that creepy, gloomy ambiance many fans have been looking for.
david haydn jones talks supernatural mr ketch and winchester hunting 2017 images

David Haydn-Jones talks ‘Supernatural,’ Mr Ketch and Winchester hunting

From the first episode of Supernatural's Season 12, where Lady Toni Bevell says he is a psychopath, to the most current episode, where he’s noted as the one to clean up loose ends, it’s obvious that Arthur Ketch is being teased
supernatural is back with its 250th episode 1209 2017 images

‘Supernatural’ is back with its 250th Episode! 1209 First Blood

This was one of those Supernatural episodes that didn’t leave anyone shrugging and going eh, it was pretty good – you either loved it or hated it, if my timeline is anything to go by. I mostly loved it, but there were some things
ruth connell talks supernatural rowena and 'coming' with misha collins 2017 images

Ruth Connell talks ‘Supernatural,’ Rowena and ‘Coming’ with Misha Collins

Ruth Connell, known to Supernatural fans as our beloved Rowena, is a spitfire – on set and off. Her resume of productions includes not only Supernatural, but also voice roles as well – for instance
mary manchin talks supernatural family round 2 2017 images

Mary Manchin talks ‘Supernatural’ family round 2

From creating Supernatural crew gifts for Christmas to being the deft hand behind the Season 11 Gag Reel intro cards, Mary Manchin is one talented lady.
Lisa Berry talks 'Supernatural,' Billie and that Crowley relationship 2017 images

Lisa Berry talks ‘Supernatural,’ Billie and that Crowley relationship

The end of Season 11 of Supernatural included one of the most interesting storylines; what the heck is going on between Billie the reaper and our King of Hell, Crowley?
Alaina Huffman talks Directing, Fandom, Social Change and 'Supernatural', of course 2017 images

Alaina Huffman talks Directing, Fandom, Social Change and ‘Supernatural,’ of course

I had the chance to catch up with Alaina Huffman (Supernatural, Stargate Universe and Smallville) at the Supernatural Burbank convention. Our paths have crossed many times, but we had never had a chance to sit down and chat until then
Philip Prajoux talks supernatural priesthood and timeless 2017 images

Philip Prajoux talks ‘Supernatural’ priesthood and ‘Timeless’

Philip Prajoux appeared in episode 8 of this season of Supernatural, LOTUS, as the priest. He was also in Hello Destroyer, an indie film about a junior hockey player, which has garnered recognition from Indie 88
supernatural Not Just a Fandom, We’re Family 2017 images

‘Supernatural:’ Not Just a Fandom, We’re Family!

For twelve seasons, millions of people have been watching the misadventures of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers against a world that remains unseen by most, one full of monsters, demons, vampires, angels, and yes, even God’s sister.

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