Still About Family, Supernatural 1214 The Raid 2017 images

Still About Family, ‘Supernatural’ 1214: The Raid

After that Supernatural gaffe with Gavin, Crowley’s son in the last episode, we have another noteworthy thing going with this season’s 14th episode aptly entitled The Raid. The question is who raids who?

‘Supernatural’ The Memory Remains for a good episode

As far as monster-of-the-week episodes go, Supernatural’s The Memory Remains is a good one. Kind of reminds us of The Benders a bit. That humans are still the worst type of monsters out there.
The Evolution of Castiel (Misha Collins’ Deft Portrayal) in Supernatural 12.10 2017 images

The Evolution of Castiel & Misha Collins’ Deft Portrayal in Supernatural 12.10

"Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets" is an odd title for a Supernatural episode. It sounds like something I might pick for a big bang fic that I can’t figure out how to title, because it’s unusual and might make people go, huh
popsugars dean and castiel article stirs up supernatural feelings 2017 images

PopSugar’s Dean and Castiel article stirs up some ‘Supernatural’ feelings

PopSugar may feel that "Supernatural's" Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins) are the best thing about the show, but one of our writers feels rather differently and has her say.

Davy Perez brings back real horror to ‘Supernatural’s’ Breakdown

Supernatural 1311 Breakdown goes back to what made the show so great as writer Davy Perez creates a true horror creepfest pulling from all the classic horror tropes.
Corin Nemec talks 'Supernatural' and how Christian Campbell could come back 2016 images

Corin Nemec talks ‘Supernatural’ and how Christian Campbell could come back

Corin Nemec Interview: As Christian Campbell on the CW’s Supernatural, Corin Nemec plays a hunter in the Campbell clan – truly one of the few “blood” relatives to Sam and Dean, appearing in four episodes in Season 6.
supernatural Not Just a Fandom, We’re Family 2017 images

‘Supernatural:’ Not Just a Fandom, We’re Family!

For twelve seasons, millions of people have been watching the misadventures of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers against a world that remains unseen by most, one full of monsters, demons, vampires, angels, and yes, even God’s sister.

Gil McKinney and Osric Chau talk ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Dirk Gently’ and new music

Supernatural’s Gil McKinney and Osric Chau – On Writing Books, Releasing New Music and New Seasons of Dirk Gently Television!
'Supernatural' the Bigger French Mistake aka Bad Place 2017 images

‘Supernatural:’ the Bigger French Mistake aka Bad Place

Supernatural's The Bad Place is the perfect candidate for the CW to do a standalone film of the show.
Tasya Teles talks The 100 Prison Break and Supernatural 2017 images

Tasya Teles talks ‘The 100,’ ‘Prison Break’ and ‘Supernatural’s’ Jensen Ackles

From The 100 to Prison Break to Supernatural, Tasya Teles resume is wide-ranging – and lengthy. A Canadian from Toronto, Tasya is most well known as Echo from The 100. She has also appeared in iZombie, Witches of East End

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