mary manchin talks supernatural family round 2 2017 images

Mary Manchin talks ‘Supernatural’ family round 2

From creating Supernatural crew gifts for Christmas to being the deft hand behind the Season 11 Gag Reel intro cards, Mary Manchin is one talented lady.
5 questions for alex duncan on supernatural and mr ketch 2017 images

5 Questions for Alex Duncan on ‘Supernatural’ and Mr Ketch

In the Supernatural episode The Raid, Alex Duncan plays Kris, the vampire who garners the wrong type of attention from our beloved Mr. Ketch (read: she gets beaten up).
supernatural a work of heart 2016 images

‘Supernatural’: A Work of Heart

There are works of art, and then there are works of heart. Supernatural belongs to the latter. We know, it’s a TV show and not a Van Gogh. It may be a reach, but given time, the level of love from fans could be comparable
Supernatural Vancouver Con – Fans Make A Pilgrimage to SPN Mecca 2016 images

‘Supernatural’ Vancouver Con – Fans Make A Pilgrimage to SPN Mecca

As promised, here's the full recap from the "Supernatural" Vancouver Con brought to you by Lynn Zubernis aka FangasmSPN for you all on Twitter and Tumblr.
supernatural season 1201 premiere episode

Keep Calm and Carry On: ‘Supernatural’ Kicks off Season 12 Review

I came into this season’s premiere of "Supernatural" a little wary – the end of Season 11 brought with it a lot of changes to the show, including the departure of showrunner Jeremy Carver, some of my favorite writers
interview amber benson talks supernatural buffy and the crooked man 2016 images

Interview: Amber Benson talks ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Buffy’ and ‘The Crooked Man’

Amber Benson will be best remembered as Tara, the role that broke many television boundaries on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, but the actress has not let that role define her acting career or any of her others.
mamma mia supernatural 1202 gives a true wtf moment 2016 images

Mamma Mia ‘Supernatural 1202 gives a true WTF moment

Last week I was bowled over by the return of Supernatural, with a season premiere that kicked ass in so many ways. That’s always a dangerous place to be for the next episode, so I really should have tried to rein
mark pellegrino smile

Mark Pellegrino gets deep on Lucifer, ‘Supernatural,’ American Capitalist Party

Actor and political activist Mark Pellegrino talks in-depth on 'Supernatural', Lucifer, Attitudes In Reverse and the American Capitalist Party, which he co-founded.
top 15 best supernatural quotes 2016 perky nips

Top 15 best ‘Supernatural’ quotes

Supernatural has gained the honor of being one of the longest-running sci-fi fantasy shows on TV. It wouldn’t reach 11 seasons if not for its dedicated actors, creativity and great writing resulting in memorable quotes
Adam Fergus talks 'Supernatural' and being a Man of Letters Interview 2016 images

Adam Fergus talks ‘Supernatural’ and being a Man of Letters Interview

Fun fact about Adam Fergus – he’s Irish; and he’s got an accent to match. He also plays Mick, the mysterious Supernatural Man of Letters – English chapter – who comes to the States to reel in the leash of Lady Toni.

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