5 questions for alex duncan on supernatural and mr ketch 2017 images

5 Questions for Alex Duncan on ‘Supernatural’ and Mr Ketch

In the Supernatural episode The Raid, Alex Duncan plays Kris, the vampire who garners the wrong type of attention from our beloved Mr. Ketch (read: she gets beaten up).
shoshannah stern large

Shoshannah Stern talks ‘Supernatural’ and her ‘Chances’

In “The British Invasion,” the latest episode of Supernatural, Shoshannah Stern plays Eileen Leahy – the deaf hunter we first met back in early 2016, in “Into the Mystic.”
Agents of SHIELD Identity and Change The Claiming of Leopold Fitz 2017 images

‘Agents of SHIELD:’ Identity and Change Claiming of Leopold Fitz

In Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, the previous episode ‘What if’ was a great opener for the third story arc of Season 4. This new episode entitled ‘Identity and Change’ is a great follow-up.
'Supernatural' 12.18 This Episode is a Memory that will Definitely Remain 2017

‘Supernatural’ 12.18 This Episode is a Memory that will Definitely Remain

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Supernatural episode that made me so euphoric that I could barely contain myself – those kind of episodes are what made me the passionate fan I am.
house of cards chapter 45 truth wont set you free 2017 images

‘House of Cards’ Chapter 45 Truth won’t set you free

OK, do you want to hear about a complicated energy deal orchestrated by Raymond Tusk on House of Cards Chapter 45? I thought not.
supernatural british invasion is a true action invasion episode 2017 images

‘Supernatural’ British Invasion is a true action invasion episode

Here’s one thing you cannot say about last week’s Supernatural episode: “Eh, not much happened…” A lot happened, that’s for sure. Some of it was a shock, some of it wasn’t; some of it I liked
matt visser talks supernatural and werewolf ladies drinking free 2017 images

Matt Visser talks ‘Supernatural’ and werewolf ladies drinking free

In the Supernatural episode “Ladies Drink Free,” Matt Visser plays Justin – a werewolf barkeep. His most recent work includes a couple of TV movies, Murder She Baked: Just Desserts and Britney Ever After
Things get real serious with 'Supernatural' British Invasion 2017 images

Things get real serious with ‘Supernatural’ British Invasion

What happens when "Supernatural" writers put Hogwarts and Hunger Games together? You get Kendricks of course. Evil McGonnagal’s School for Occult Lore. Where young kids study the occult complete with robes
agents of shield what if changes everything 2017 images

‘Agents of SHIELD’ What if changes up everything

Mallory Jansen has a new fan. She’s so gorgeous as Madame Hydra in the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD, What If. This is her third role in the series which covers three story arcs of Season 4. Ms. Jansen was first introduced
house of cards chapter 44 clair underwood vs doug and franks liver watch 2017 images

‘House of Cards’ Chapter 44 Claire Underwood vs Doug

Like to have your name mentioned in a suicide note from a guy who just tried to whack the President of the United States like on House of Cards?