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LAW & ORDER: SVU Chilly December Solstice 2015

In the opening scene of this weeks Law & Order: SVU, the DA came to Olivia’s apartment to talk to her about the pimp named Jonny D from last week’s episode. She told the DA that Jonny D happens to be the father of her foster son, Noah and she is concerned about it.
'Law & Order SVU' 1723 Heartfelt Passages aka RIP Mike Dodds 2016 iamges

‘Law & Order SVU’ 1723 Heartfelt Passages aka RIP Mike Dodds

In the season finale of “Law & Order: SVU,” Munson’s rape trial continued. The judge set Munson’s bail. His wife Lisa told Benson she wanted him remanded and that she had taken Benson’s advice and gotten tested for STDs
'Law & Order SVU' 1722 Intersecting Lives for Benson and Dodds 2016 images

‘Law & Order SVU’ 1722 Intersecting Lives for Benson and Dodds

On this week’s episode of "Law & Order: SVU," Sonny found out that he passed the bar exam to become a licensed attorney. Benson then said that Dodds was being transferred to the Joint Terrorism unit of the NYPD
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LAW & ORDER: SVU Ep 1618 Recap: Devastating Rape Story

This week’s episode of Law & Order: SVU began with the airing of a fake TV show America’s Worst Crimes, which highlighted an incident that had recently happened at NYC’s Hudson University.
LAW & ORDER SVU Intimidation Game Gamergate Recap

LAW & ORDER: SVU Intimidation Game Gamergate Recap

The opening scene of this week's "Law & Order: SVU" Intimidation Game episode showed Olivia meeting with her therapist to discuss her personal life. She told her therapist her son had a play date with other little girls and that her son Noah caused problems
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‘Law & Order SVU’ 1708 Melancholy Pursuit of DNA Chain Recap

On this week's episode of "Law & Order: SVU," Benson was at the park with Noah. Sonny and Finn went to the home of a teenager who hadn't come home from school. Then Benson realized Noah had disappeared.
'Law & Order SVU' 1721 Assaulting Reality recap 2016 images

‘Law & Order SVU’ 1721 Assaulting Reality recap

This week’s episode of “Law & Order: SVU” picks up where last week’s episode left off. On a NYC based reality TV show, four women were competing for a date with an eligible bachelor named Ryan.
'Law & Order SVU' 1713 Forty-One Witnesses Recap

‘Law & Order SVU’ 1713 Forty-One Witnesses Recap

On this week's episode of "Law & Order: SVU," Rollins overhead a man speaking on his cell phone and threatening to toss someone out the window.
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LAW & ORDER: SVU Olivia Is One Undercover Mother Recap

On this week’s “Law & Order SVU,” the opening scene showed Olivia and Rollins running surveillance across the street from a house party. As they watched the events of the party unfold their undercover detective was posing as a party guest.
'Law & Order SVU' 1715 Collateral Damages recap

‘Law & Order SVU’ 1715 Collateral Damages recap

On this week’s episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” the opening scene begins at a party where the guests discussed how expensive living is in New York. The team was doing secret surveillance on the party, which was for local elected officials.