catfish 416 ayissha sydney stalker 2015 recap

CATFISH 416 Ayissha & Sydney: Storybook Stalking

Season 4 Episode 16 of Catfish begins with Nev and Max receiving an email from 22-year-old Ayissha who lives in California. She explains how she met a girl named Sydney two years ago who was from California, but was living in Texas.
catfish 412 recap bye falesha 2015

CATFISH 412 Recap: Bye Falesha

Episode 12 is the final episode of season 4 of MTV’s "Catfish: The TV Show" revolves around Falesha, who discovered a mysterious profile of a girl named “Jacqueline,” someone who was using her pictures (Falesha's) throughout a social media profile.
catfish steven samm recap images 2015

CATFISH 410 Steven & Samm A Momma’s Love

Season 4 Episode 10 of “Catfish” begins with Nev and Max reading out an email they received from Aurora, mother of Steven. She tells Nev and Max that Steven, who lives in Texas, has been interacting with a Californian girl named Samm online.
catfish 414 sara thaddeus sinning 2015

CATFISH 414: Sara & Thaddeus Sinning then Spinning

After the previous episode of Catfish “Prophet and Trinity” went through all the typical things we expect to see in an episode, episode 14 of season 4 “Sara and Thaddeus” brought a relatively more unorthodox story to the show.
catfish 417 emily machine gun kelly 2015 images

CATFISH 417 Hundra, Emily & Machine Gun Kelly

Season 4 Episode 17 of Catfish is all about Hundra and Emily. This episode is particularly unique as musician Machine Gun Kelly joins Nev, as a temporary replacement for Max.
catfish 415 andria david reveal 2015 images mtv

CATFISH 415: Andria & David Is Really Messed Up Head Games

The latest episode of Catfish, season 4 episode 15 “Andria and David,” shows a very extreme case of a catfish relationship.

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