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Philip Prajoux talks supernatural priesthood and timeless 2017 images

Philip Prajoux talks ‘Supernatural’ priesthood and ‘Timeless’

Philip Prajoux appeared in episode 8 of this season of Supernatural, LOTUS, as the priest. He was also in Hello Destroyer, an indie film about a junior hockey player, which has garnered recognition from Indie 88
dustin dorough movie tv tech geeks interview

Dustin Dorough talks Misha Collins’ GISHWHES plus stories from the road

Who knew a bus could have so much personality? In 2016’s GISHWHES hunt (the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, started by the one and only Misha Collins), the GISHBUS was added.
gil mckinney talks supernatural kings of con and if he returned 2017 images crop

Gil McKinney talks ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Kings of Con’ and if he returned

Gil McKinney is one of those “guest stars” on Supernatural that has truly become part of the fabric of the show. Although he’s only been in two episodes, his convention appearances and overall “aw, shucks” demeanor
Bob Berens talks writing for 'Supernatural' and his favorite episode 2017 images

Bob Berens talks writing for ‘Supernatural’ and his favorite episode

Bob Berens. It’s a name well-known in the Supernatural circles, as the writer who came on in Season 9, with a resume of episode writing that reads like a fan’s wet dream.
matt cohen talks his different supernatural sides and fan requests 2016 images

Matt Cohen talks his different ‘Supernatural’ sides and fan requests

This interview is one I’ve been looking forward to for a while -- Matt Cohen, who played the young John Winchester on Supernatural over the many seasons. Although Matt’s only been on the show in three episodes
woody jeffreys talks supernatural and rick springfield 2016 images

Woody Jeffreys talks ‘Supernatural’ and Rick Springfield

Woody Jeffreys is another one of those fabulous repeat guest stars for Supernatural; he was most recently in Mamma Mia, The Foundry, and Rock Never Dies in the current season, but he’s also credited as being Marshall Hall in Faith, Season 1 episode 12.
ben affleck talks his rollarcoaster year and live by night 2016 interviews

Ben Affleck talks his rollarcoaster year and ‘Live By Night’

Ben Affleck learned the hard way of making sure that every film you make is a great one, or at least good, if you want to stay relevant in the entertainment industry. After overcoming a memorable string of bad films
eddie ramos talks incorporated and his raging bull moment 2016 images

Eddie Ramos talks ‘Incorporated’ and his ‘Raging Bull’ moment

ncorporated is one of those new futuristic shows that once you start watching, well, you just can’t stop. Although only the first three episodes have been aired, it’s fairly easy to tell that this show is a hit. Eddie Ramos has plenty to say about it plus Season 2 news.
Mary Manchin tells how 'Supernatural' comes together in post production 2016 images

Mary Manchin tells how ‘Supernatural’ comes together in post production

Television is magical. Supernatural is no exception and often literally seems, supernatural- demons, magic, ghosts! We all know the incredible talent on screen, but there are so many talented people who work on the show
kara royster talks supernatural asa fox and pretty little liars 2016 images

Kara Royster talks ‘Supernatural, Asa Fox and ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Recently on Supernatural episode 6 of Season 12 – 'Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox' – we meet Kara Royster, who plays Alicia, one of the twins (and as we find out later, the daughter of Asa). Kara is also known for Pretty Little Liars

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