amy adams arrival is truly epic review 2016 images

Amy Adams ‘Arrival’ is truly epic review

Arrival is epic. I sat in my seat with my eyes glued to the screen because I didn’t want to miss anything. You don’t want to miss anything. It will thrill you and have you guessing the entire film
top 10 political films fitting for 2016 election movie images

Top 10 Political films fitting for 2016 election

Most of us remember those beautiful fuzzy idealistic films about the American political system where the young person with all the right reasons is able to go into a corrupt nasty Washington DC system and change it from within.
doctor strange delivers in all the best ways spoiler free review 2016 images

‘Doctor Strange’ delivers in all the best ways: Spoiler free review

Marius Marionilla checked out 'Doctor Strange' in the Phillippines and had only great things to say about it in his spoiler free review
Wasting money on Tom Hanks 'Inferno' Review 2016 images

Wasting money on Tom Hanks ‘Inferno’ Review

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard disappoint with the weakest film in the Robert Langdon series "Inferno." Howard continues disappointing after his "In the Heart of the Sea," and it feels like Hanks just took a payday while pissing all over his fans.
scare campaign gets the job done for horror review 2016 images

‘Scare Campaign’ gets the job done for horror Review

My main issue with Scare Campaign as a whole is that it felt like there should have been more to it. And I don’t mean I needed more deeply thought out social commentary, I just felt like there was about a quarter of the story missing.
13th packs a powerhouse punch to the 13th amendment 2016 images

’13th’ packs a powerhouse punch to the 13th Amendment: Review

The thing about 13th is that it is something everyone needs to see because the information, backed by undisputable facts, is eye opening. We need to talk about this. We need to talk about how the original The Birth of a Nation
top 10 scariest films for halloween 2016 images

Top 10 Scariest films for Halloween

With Halloween just days away, it's that time of the year for another one of our writers (this time Henry Faherty) to give us their Top 10 scariest movies.
top 10 movies you must see before death comes knocking 2016 images

Top 10 Movies you must see before death comes knocking

We had Henry compile a Top 10 list of his all-time favorite films to give you an idea of his broad taste. Rather than make the usual list, he's gone into detail about why each film is so important to him. He likes to go deep too like the rest of us.
review why the head thieves made our reviewer weep 2016 images

REVIEW: Why ‘The Head Thieves’ made this reviewer weep

Basically everyone is at least somewhat curious about the idea of stealing money. You may not admit it outright but the excitement of doing that is hidden inside each person somewhere. And even though that interesting idea is what The Head Thieves tries to explore
the birth of a nation just doesn't live up to its hype review 2016 images

Nate Parker’s ‘Birth of a Nation’ doesn’t live up its own hype review

So, should you go see The Birth of a Nation? On that one I can’t give an endorsement of yes nor will I say no. There are so many factors that go into whether or not someone wants to see this particular film.

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