ryan reynolds voices movie images 2015

Ryan Reynolds THE VOICES an easy cult film favorite: Movie Review

The Voices (2015) is a strange comedy/horror/thriller starring comedian Ryan Reynolds as a seemingly happy guy who works 9-5 at a bathtub factory. The women in the office find Jerry oddly attractive and his offbeat humor cute, but he could stand to find a few friends.
THE MARTIAN movie review 2015 images

‘The Martian’ Movie Review: Great to see in theaters & just as great on...

While he always seems to have something big on the go, A-list actor Matt Damon’s big hit in 2015 was undoubtedly The Martian.
the big short review 2015 images

‘The Big Short’: If you want action, see ‘Star Wars’; if you an education,...

It is no secret that Hollywood often looks to the past for inspiration for new movies. And although the financial crisis of 2007-2008 isn’t too far back in history, apparently it is long enough for Hollywood to justify turning the event into its latest cash cow.
Wasting money on Tom Hanks 'Inferno' Review 2016 images

Wasting money on Tom Hanks ‘Inferno’ Review

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard disappoint with the weakest film in the Robert Langdon series "Inferno." Howard continues disappointing after his "In the Heart of the Sea," and it feels like Hanks just took a payday while pissing all over his fans.
creep movie review a slow slow burner

CREEP A Slow Slow Burner Horror Movie Review

Creep is a horror/ drama recently released on Netflix streaming, but was originally made and released in 2014. Although it has a very plausible concept that carried it a long way, it is very hard to take it seriously at times.
the legend of barney thomson movie review 2016 images

‘The Legend of Barney Thomson’ Movie Review

Ideally, the title of this movie should actually be “The Urban Legend of Thomson” rather than "The Legend of Barney Thomson." While it is a very macabre comedy, it does fall into the category of those sort of true horror stories that are shared among friends and neighbors.
quentin tarantinos hateful eight not living up to his best

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Hateful Eight’ Not living up to his best: Movie Review

For some moviemakers, there comes a point in their careers where people blindly follow and support whatever it is that they make. The Hateful Eight is proof that people have drunk the Quentin Tarantino Kool-Aid and happily hail him as a “can’t miss” filmmaker.
13th packs a powerhouse punch to the 13th amendment 2016 images

’13th’ packs a powerhouse punch to the 13th Amendment: Review

The thing about 13th is that it is something everyone needs to see because the information, backed by undisputable facts, is eye opening. We need to talk about this. We need to talk about how the original The Birth of a Nation
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Gridiron Heroes Review: A Must See

What makes football great also makes it terrible. We love to see the beauty of the game, a wideout tight roping his way along the sideline to the end zone or quarterback thread the ball where no man can snag it save his own teammate.
grimm love armin meiwes review images 2015

GRIMM LOVE: A Bizarre True Life Love Story That Misses the Mark REVIEW

Grimm Love follows a graduate student who currently resides in Germany as she researches Oliver Hagen, a cannibal, for her thesis. This cannibal situation is unlike anything she’s ever heard before.