Gil McKinney and Osric Chau talk ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Dirk Gently’ and new music

Supernatural’s Gil McKinney and Osric Chau – On Writing Books, Releasing New Music and New Seasons of Dirk Gently Television!

Adam Fergus talks life after ‘Supernatural’ and Mick Davies

Adam Fergus pulls a hat trick with MTTG with his third interview talking about "Supernatural" and the death of Mick Davies.
marvels the defenders not great but worth checking out 2017 images

Marvel’s ‘The Defenders:’ Not great but worth checking out

While not the greatest Marvel show on Netflix, The Defenders is enjoyable enough for fans.

Top moments from MTV’s politically charged 2017 VMAs

This year's MTV's Video Music Awards (VMAs) weren't as light as they usually are, but that was to be expected with Donald Trump in the White House and the recent events of Charlottesville, NC still hitting close to home.
kendrick lamar is king of the 2017 mtv vmas 2017 images

Kendrick Lamar is king of 2017 MTV VMA’s plus winners

Kendrick Lamar had his night at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) in an evening that was full of impassioned cries for unity and acceptance.
bachelor in paradise 403 rose ceremony 2017 images

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 403 Rose Ceremony sends Alex, Vinny, Nick and Iggy home

Bachelor In Paradise 403 sees the first rose ceremony which promptly sends Alex, Vinny, Nick and Iggy home.
bachelor in paradise 402 dean and kristina get rocky quick 2017 images

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 402: Dean and Kristina get rocky real quick

The "Bachelor In Paradise" episode began on an uplifting note, showing host Chris Harrison officiating Carly and Evan’s destination wedding.
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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ premiere dances around Corrinne and DeMario Jackson

If you have caught any of the Bachelor­-related headlines over the past few weeks, you are likely well aware of the drama that overtook the set of Bachelor in Paradise.
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‘Louie’ Season 6 and Ricky Martin talks Gianni Versace

Is "Louie" returning for Season 6, Ricky Martin talks Versace respect and "American Horror Story: Cult" keep it quiet.
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‘Game of Thrones’ fans steering clear of HBO hack spoilers

HBO may have needed to call in the FBI for help with the "Game of Thrones" hack, but it looks like diehard fans are avoiding the spoilers at any length.