A Gifted Crew Made ‘The Gifted’ 2017 images

A truly gifted crew made ‘The Gifted’

FOX's "The Gifted" is a promising start for another Marvel X-Men universe on the small screen.
therapy winchester style supernatural the big empty 2017 images

Therapy, Winchester Style – ‘Supernatural’ ‘The Big Empty’

Supernatural 1304 The Big Empty has everyone going through shapeshifter therapy.

‘Supernatural’ fandom gets a mirror held up to the cyberbullying

While we've been covering the show "Supernatural" for some time now, we've seen that there's a growing minority within the #SPNFamily that have taken to cyberbullying, and here's a wonderful response to this issue.

Andrea Menard talks ‘Supernatural,’ cuffing Jensen Ackles and her music

Andrea Menard was in the "Supernatural" Season 13 premiere as Sheriff Christine Baker who got to cuff up Dean Winchester. The actress talks about her fun experience on the show along with her talent, music.
lee majdoub talks dirk gently silas panto and supernatural 2017 images

Lee Majdoub talks ‘Dirk Gently,’ Silas, Panto and ‘Supernatural,’ of course!

Lee Majdoub breaks down "Dirk Gently" and Silas Dengdamor's time with Panto Trost (Christopher Russell) along with "Supernatural," fandom plus handling social media as a celebrity.

Erika Walter talks ‘Supernatural,’ Angel Lily and Misha Collins

Erika Walters played an angel on "Supernatural" who was a big fan of Misha Collins Castiel and talks about her time on the show along with working on other shows like "Arrow" and "Supergirl."
kevin spacey falls hard alec baldwin off twitter and netflix mess 2017 images

Kevin Spacey falls hard, Alec Baldwin off Twitter and Netflix mess

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kevin Spacey continues falling, Alec Baldwin gets baby number 4 and how Netflix can salvage their "House of Cards" mess.
supernatural fans going from snowflakes to be the clarence 2017 images

‘Supernatural’ fans going from ‘snowflakes’ to ‘Be the Clarence’

Fans and media have reacted strongly to a bad joke 'Supernatural's' Jared Padalecki made, but did they go overboard?
wrapping our heads around star trek discovery 2017 images

Wrapping our heads around ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

'Star Trek: Discovery' is teaching fans that they must look to the future and not cling to the past. Our deep dive into the latest show in the Star Trek lexicon.
supernatural patience hard to watch but maybe thats the point 2017 images

‘Supernatural’ Patience was hard to watch, but maybe that’s the point

"Supernatural" 1303 Patience get Dean Winchester working with Jody Mills and Missouri Moseley getting "Wayward Sisters" ready while Sam helps Jack Calvert deal plus we get Castiel back again.

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