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TOTAL DIVAS Season 3 Ep 12 Recap: Eva Marie Baby Talk...

This week on Total Divas the show opened with Eva Marie and Naomi visiting Eva Marie’s hometown to see a fertility doctor.

TOTAL DIVAS Spotlight On the Bella Twins

Of all the WWE divas that make up the cast of Total Divas most of the action centers on Brie and Nikki Bella. The duo has been wrestling in a WWE ring since 2008. Brie Bella was the first to appear and Nikki was introduced


This week’s Undercover Boss features Colorado based Phenix Salon Inc’s President and co-founder, Gina Rivera, a former hair stylist, visiting a handful of the company’s locations.


This week on Undercover Boss the President of Maaco went undercover to get a feel for how the company’s employees operate and what problems need to be addressed. President Jose Costa wanted to ensure

TOP CHEF: BOSTON Ep 10 Recap: Foie Gras’d For Julia Child

This week on Top Chef Mei and Melissa were shown bonding over their similarities. Bravo host Andy Cohen brought his former college roommate with him to judge this week’s quick fire challenge.

EMPIRE Knocks Out 50 Cents Power

This week we saw the debut of a highly anticipated show starring two Oscar nominated actors, Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson. Empire tells the story of ailing hip hop mogul, Lucious Lyon (Howard), and his running of a hip hop empire that he has to eventually pass on to one of his three sons all while dealing with his recently released from 17 years of prison ex-wife Cookie Lyon

TOTAL DIVAS Recap: All About John Cena & Nikki’s Future

As Total Divas resumed its third season we see John Cena and Nikki Bella discussing the future of their relationship. After pressure from Nikki’s family John told Nikki she needed to think about their relationship

TOP CHEF: BOSTON Episode 9 Recap: Rob Gronkowski Brings On Padma’s...

This week on Top Chef the chefs discussed their progress in the game. The six remaining cheftestants are getting more and more competitive every week. Doug commented that Katsuji is his favorite fellow contestant

Best Reality Shows Of 2014

As scripted network shows continually come and go some of best shows on TV today are select reality shows. This doesn’t mean all of them are worthy of watching but there are a handful that are more entertaining

Hottest TV Shows Of 2014

In 2014 we saw some really great TV shows as well as some we’d like to forget. In the interest of ending the year on a positive note here are the best TV shows of 2014.

Worst TV Shows of 2014

2014 was both a very good year for TV and a very bad year for TV. While some shows were smash hits others made you wonder how they even made it on the airwaves.

TOTAL DIVAS Mid-Season 3 Recap

Though the drama of the first half of season three carried us through a compelling look at the lives of some of WWE’s biggest divas outside the ring, the E network is putting us through a temporary halt