walking dead season 5 ep 11 distance recap images 2015

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Ep 11 Recap: Aaron’s Community

Paranoia and dissension was the theme this week as “The Walking Dead” picked up right off where we left last week. 'The Distance' episode had Sasha and Maggie taking the stranger Aaron to their leader.
todd pedersen vivint makeover for undercover boss images 2015

UNDERCOVER BOSS Recap: Todd Pedersen Vivint CEO

This week on Undercover Boss, Todd Pedersen, CEO of Vivint, went on a mission to observe the inner workings of his company. Based in Utah, Vivint is a company that offers security systems for homes.
nathan filian beefy for big bang theory 2015 images

BIG BANG THEORY Season 8 Ep 15 Recap: Howard’s Mom

This week on a very somber episode of The Big Bang Theory, tragedy strikes amid the opening of Stuart’s new comic book store. The CBS comedy addressed the November death of actress Carol Ann Susi, who died at 62 after a battle with cancer.
bring it! miss d lifetimes 2015 recaps

BRING IT! Season 3 Recap: Same Team Different Name & Creeper Coach

Go Hard or Go Home. That was pretty much the theme this week on Bring it! It was also the name of the competition the Dancing Dolls did in New Orleans. Their rival this week is the Infamous Dancerettes
love & hip hop new york logo images calling bluffs

LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK Calling Bluffs Recap

This week, we pick right back up where it left off on Love and Hip Hop New York.
nat lahey stripped in prison how to get away with murder

Make Room For Mama HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Recap 2015

This week, How To Get Away With Murder was so good. On the last episode, we saw Annalise frame her lover Nate Lahey for the murder of her husband (cold blooded). It ended with her calling her momma telling her she needs her.
olivia benson hands up for mothers lap dance law order svu 2015 iamges

LAW & ORDER: SVU Olivia Is One Undercover Mother Recap

On this week’s “Law & Order SVU,” the opening scene showed Olivia and Rollins running surveillance across the street from a house party. As they watched the events of the party unfold their undercover detective was posing as a party guest.
cookie working her speach on empire dancing days recap 2015 images

EMPIRE Ep 7: Lucious Gets His Cookie Served Hot

This week "Empire" just took itself to a whole new level leaving any doubters knowing that this show is here to stay or at least grab up all the ratings on Wednesday nights.
JUSTIFIED Season 6 Ep5 Recap Ava Just Keeps Cooking For Boyd

JUSTIFIED Season 6 Ep5 Recap: Ava Just Keeps Cooking For Boyd

Many would say this week's episode of Justified was a waste of time. It was entertaining, but Ava ended up in the same spot as when it started....in a mess and cooking supper for Boyd.
BETTER CALL SAUL Ep 3 Jimmy Gets In Some Nacho Business

BETTER CALL SAUL Ep 3: Jimmy Gets In Some Nacho Business

Jimmy McGill gets to work under pressure in this third episode of "Better Call Saul," and it turns out that’s when he does some of his finest work. The opening is a flashback to when his brother Chuck had to get him out of jail.