Rosie O'Donnell Leaves THE VIEW Again Along With Latest Wife

Rosie O’Donnell Leaving THE VIEW Again Along With Latest Wife

Everyone was expecting Rosie Perez to be the first to exit ABC's troubled talk show The View, but the other Rosie beat her to it. Rosie O'Donnell made it nearly five months on the show before splitting again as she did during the 2006-2007 season.
LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK Ep 7 Recap Diamond Loses It

LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK Ep 7 Recap: Diamond Loses It

So we are back this week and the drama is on full force with the minions of Love and Hip Hop New York (LHHNY). I find it hard to resist getting sucked into their craziness because I really can’t believe that people actually live and act like this.
justified season 6 ep 3 recap noblesse oblige tanning attire

JUSTIFIED Season 6 Ep 6 Wynn Duffy Loves His Tan

Maybe it's just me, but this final season of Justified is not exactly getting to the point in a hurry. I know they are setting up Sam Elliot's character, Avery Markham, as the big boss that must be taken down as a sideshow to Raylan versus Boyd.
BRING IT! Ep2 Recap: Miss D Loses Her Cool Real Fast 2015

BRING IT! Ep2 Recap: Miss D Loses Her Cool Real Fast 2015

We are back for another week of dancing and drama on the Lifetime hit TV show “Bring It.” You know, this show is a lot more watchable than many other reality TV garbage that is out there.
UNDERCOVER BOSS Recap Jessica Herrin From Stella Dot

UNDERCOVER BOSS Recap: Jessica Herrin From Stella & Dot

This week on Undercover Boss the CEO of Stella & Dot, Jessica Herrin goes on a quest to observe the inner workings of her company. This direct sales jewelry company is based in San Francisco and New York City
EMPIRE Ep 105 Recap Cookie Gets Bi-Leveraged

EMPIRE Ep 105 Recap: Cookie Gets Bi-Leveraged

Apparently when Empire creator Lee Daniels said he was shedding some light on hidden issues in the black community, he proposed to do so through a series of gay and lesbian sex scenes every episode.
daredevil charlie cox in action 2015

Netflix Kicks Up Some DAREDEVIL Action For Charlie Cox

When most people hear "Daredevil" they immediately are reminded of that bad period in Ben Affleck's life when he seemed to be taking on any movie that could buy him a new home or car. Things are much different this time in the Marvel Universe as Netflix is taking it much more serious this time
POWER RANGERS Ricardo Medina Jr Arrested For Deadly Sword Action

POWER RANGERS Ricardo Medina Jr. Arrested For Deadly Sword Action

How ironic when the role you're most famous for as a mysterious sword-wielding Power Rangers also makes you famous again when you're arrested for murdering your roommate with a sword.
rupaul answers mary cheney drag vs blackface racism homophobia 2015

Mary Cheney Makes A Good Point On Rupaul & Drag vs. Blackface

As the gay daughter of Dick Cheney, Mary Cheney has undergone enough scrutiny from the media. Now she’s dealing with more, all because she had the balls to say what most people wouldn’t.
its official bruce jenner making a switch

It’s Official, Bruce Jenner’s Making A Switch

For months, people have speculated, made jokes or innuendos about Bruce Jenner's dramatically changing appearance. Much more than when he had the botched plastic surgery, but it's been made official that the former Olympian has actually been transitioning over to be a woman.