better call saul jimmy preacher mode for bingo 2015

BETTER CALL SAUL Ep 107 Bingo Recap: Jimmy’s Dreams Dashed

I gotta say, another great episode this week from 'Better Call Saul'. The show gets better each week. This week we saw Jimmy once again do the right thing. Mike too. Betsy Kettleman mulls over starting a prison gang and Kim gets punished unjustly.
nene leakes goes bride of frankenstein hair for rhoa 2015

RHOA Ep 17 Season 7: NeNe Leakes’ Frankenhair & Therapy Breakdown

We are back this week and it is an explosive one on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now, if you remember from last week, NeNe is in town and she wants to do a therapy session with the girls.
diamond on love and hip hop new york 2015

LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK: No Dollaz & No Sense

This week on Love and Hip Hop New York, there is so much going on and you know it is full of drama and craziness... cough... Diamond Strawberry.
jenna ushkowitz glee finale 2015

GLEE’s Jenna Ushkowitz Talks Shows Ending Plus What Happened

Glee was that show that provided a true escape for many people of all ages along with being made into a punchline for others. I think for those that watched the television show through the good season, understood the escapism and wanting to live in this perfect bubble world.
traci shocks miss d in bring it revenge 2015

BRING IT! Recap: Traci & YCDT SupaStarz Revenge

This week, the Dancing Dolls are going to the Dance Explosion competition in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Their biggest rivals this time around is a familiar face- the YCDT Supastarz. The Miami based team is definately gunning for Diana and the girls as always.
sheldon tells leonard about magazine on big bang theory 2015

BIG BANG THEORY Recap 818: Left out Leonard & Leftovers

On this week’s Big Bang Theory, Sheldon received his copy of the latest issue of Scientific American, a magazine that did a piece on the paper Sheldon and Leonard wrote together.
noah eaten by zombies in walking dead for glenn spend 2015 images

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Ep 14 Recap: Spend Cut & Run

The title for this week's episode of The Walking Dead has me puzzled as I'm not sure what meaning 'Spend' holds. The opening is a scene of Father Gabriel tearing pages out of a Bible after seeing a nice note from a townie saying how blessed they are to have him in Alexandria.
mike shooting cop in head on better call saul ep 6 fiveo 2015

Better Call Saul Ep 6 Recap: Mike’s Time & Five-O

Get ready for a heavy dose of Mike Ehrmantraut. This week’s installment of Better Call Saul was slap full of the grizzled veteran cop. This is the beauty of this series. Breaking Bad had so many good characters that we only got our beaks wet with many of them.
rupauls drag race season 7 ep 2 winners losers 2015

RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE 702: Minj Wins & Sasha Belle Sashays

Following Tempest’s elimination in last week’s episode of RuPaul's Drag Race the drag queens showed up and expressed their somber feelings at her departure. Handy Ho said that even though he didn’t do well in last week’s lip sync challenge it wasn’t going to discourage him from continuing to try his best.

SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART Ep 3 Recap: Nina Washed Out

On this week’s Survivor: Worlds Apart, Joe said he no longer trusted Will because Will was not supposed to vote Vince off the island, but he did. Nina stated to her fellow tribe members that she knew she would be the one voted off this week.