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LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK: Mind Your Manners Recap

Love and Hip Hop is almost over, but that does not mean that they aren’t going to give us something to still tune into every week.

TOTAL DIVAS Recap: All About John Cena & Nikki’s Future

As Total Divas resumed its third season we see John Cena and Nikki Bella discussing the future of their relationship. After pressure from Nikki’s family John told Nikki she needed to think about their relationship

‘Supernatural’ puts Jack In the Box 14.19 for a gut wrenching...

Supernatural's Jack In the Box literally finds the Winchester Brothers putting Jack in the Ma'lak box in a very unsettling episode.

LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA 401 Recap: Danger Zones

Last night, we saw the season premiere of the new of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and in true ratchet fashion, it delivered on every level.

‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ 608 Going down deep & Eileen...

Although Eileen Davidson has proven herself time and time again to be the bland cast member on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Bravo is clearly not giving up on her, as this week’s episode shot a big spotlight on the soap opera actress and a secret

‘American Crime’ 208 Taylor & Eric’s prison

This week's American Crime went deeper into the subject matter with interview segments from parents and teachers who've experienced the tragedies of season two so far. There were teachers from Columbine, as well as students who were bullied for being gay

Can Michael Jackson’s legacy survive ‘Leaving Neverland?’

Michael Jackson survived child molestation accusations when he was alive, but will his legacy survive the powerful documentary Leaving Neverland? It's doubtful

Marvel’s Ghost Rider De-Mystified Part 2

Part 2 continues of Marius Maronilla's full historical breakdown of Marvel's Ghost Rider from where he began to his current incarnation on ABC's Agents of SHIELD.

Isaac Caldiero First AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR Finale Winner

The WWE could not have scripted a better finale for the season finale of American Ninja Warrior. Like me, most fans of this show probably thought the season would end like the previous six

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Top Ten Most Notable and Powerful Characters

Now that we've broken the news that ABC has given Agents of SHIELD a season 6, lets get down to what makes this part of the MCU such a fan favorite; the characters. Here are the top 10 best characters on AOS.
Netflix Castlevania Perhaps the Best Cinematic Video Game Adaptation 2017 images

Netflix ‘Castlevania:’ Perhaps the Best Cinematic Video Game Adaptation

Netflix Castlevania is perhaps the best videogame to screen adaptation I’ve seen by far and is a must-see if you love the franchise and video games in general.

Top 10 Reasons For Boycotting the Kardashians

Everyone knows the Kardashian clan has been overexposed in Hollywood, thanks in part to their reality shows that follow the lives of the various family members. They repeatedly dominate the headlines in entertainment news and this has led many to boycott the family all-together.