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FCC Net Neutrality Passes, But A Battle Is Brewing

Net Neutrality has been a touchy subject in the United States since 2006 when the first attempts to enforce it came out. Net neutrality is a noble concept wherein internet bandwidth is equalized among everyone regardless of content type (text, audio, video) and other internet services. According to the president, high-speed broadband shouldn’t be a luxury but a necessity.

We’re not in Private Kansas Anymore: Thanks AT&T

It’s a story worthy of Oz for people in Kansas. With all the buzz about hacking and privacy going around, the last thing people need is for their ISP to be able to keep their search terms in exchange for a discount. It’s a matter of perspective and preference, but really?

More Drama As Net Neutrality Thursday Vote Arrives

For something that the elected officials try to make sound so simple, they certainly are creating plenty of minefields along the way regarding net neutrality. We reported earlier this month breaking it down into its simplest form about what the fight is all about seeing it from both sides.

Windows 10 Worth Upgrading This Time

It seems like such a long time ago when Microsoft released an operating system that you could actually get excited about, and Windows 10 is there well earned attempt at getting us close to that again.

Microsoft CyanogenMod: Will Google Flinch?

Microsoft is now all over the place but in a good way. The company has dropped the exclusivity of its Office suite from the desktop (Windows/Mac) and has extended its reach to mobile phones (iPhone/Android) and tablets (iPad/Windows).

Project Maelstrom, Ultron & Skynet

The internet can take on a whole new shape when Bittorrent’s Project Maelstrom becomes reality. Websites won’t be hosted in one or several mirrors, instead, they’ll be hosted by thousands of computers

Google Fiber VS Mimosa

No, it’s not a competition of fiber-based drinks. Google Fiber is Google’s very own broadband internet and cable TV solution while Mimosa is a radio frequency based wireless broadband internet service.

FCC Deciding Whose Internet It Will Be

A ruling to decide whose internet it is, will be made by the Federal Communication Commission, FCC. Tom Wheeler the Chairperson of FCC said that the high pitches of modems used by the public and use of noisy modem has made the “information superhighway”.

Google’s Project Zero Now Giving Vendors 90-Day Grace Period

Most vendors know that no matter how hard they try, sometimes their software might have a vulnerability they never foresaw, and in today's world, trying to keep ahead of the hackers can be a round the clock job.

Checking Out Apple’s Latest Software Updates

Updates are exciting and interesting to know and experience. Often times, there is a lot of new stuff to see, other times they are minor yet essential bug fixes and updates, but nonetheless all updates are necessary.