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FCC Net Neutrality Lawsuits Hit

It was inevitable that after the FCC passed the net neutrality bill, someone would get their feathers ruffled, and two lawsuits have now hit with more surely to come.

Windows 10: Licensing Revolution or Licensing Nightmare?

Will Windows make another big licensing mess with Windows 10 or have they finally learned their lesson?

Microsoft Not Rewarding Windows 10 Non-Genuine Upgrades

Last January, Microsoft was making everyone's day with a free yearlong upgrade for Windows 10, even people who had non-genuine copies of the OS. You knew that was too good to be true people, so they've revised their wording to make sure it's more clear.

The Intelligence Committee’s Door Chain

Door chains are a must have when it comes to home security. It’s basically a last line of defense to keep an intruder or someone unwelcome from barging into an unlocked door. In the US Senate Intelligence Committee, one senator metaphorically acted as that door chain to keep a potentially dangerous bill from passing in the Senate.

An Ode to PCs? Not Likely

The end is nigh, says the generic, religious homeless person with a sandwich board. PCs are out! Convert to mobile! Let us go to the cloud! Are PCs doomed to death soon? Should he be believed?

HTTP/2 Makes for a Much Faster Web

How would you like it if websites loaded ten to forty percent faster? Sound good, doesn’t it, in light of today’s ad-ridden, bandwidth-throttled internet? And it doesn’t even involve speeding up your subscription. How is that possible?

Microsoft Band Beats Apple Watch To Marketplace

Microsoft has recently ramped up attempting to be a tech leader in the marketplace, and they seem to be aiming their arrow right at the monster tech company Apple. They've increased production along with their distribution apparatus for their Microsoft Band to beat the Apple Watch to the marketplace.

The Woman That Guards Google

You usually don't think about Google or Yahoo needing a front line defense, but naturally, the bigger you are, the more the hackers want to attack. So Google has one of the top white hat hackers working to stop those 'black hatters' before they can enter the kingdom and do real damage.

Apple’s Max-iPad Aims to Scratch Surface

The iPad, which revolutionized consumer computing by popularizing the tablet form, is currently at a crossroads due to slow sales which in turn is due to a saturated tablet market.

Is the New Apple Watch Really Worth Your Money?

10,000 dollars for a watch. It’s nothing new. There are several watch brands, most notably Rolex that sells for much more than that. But suddenly Apple, a new player in the watch market, presumptuously announces that it’s selling a watch with a 10,000 to 17,000 dollar price tag. The watch is called the Apple Watch Edition; an electronic marvel like many of the company’s products, is encased in 18 karat gold.

Smartwatches: Fad or Bad?

Smartwatches have had a recent growth in popularity with the latest line of Android Wear watches and the new Apple smart watch. Many people are skeptical about the practicality of them, and see no real benefit of having one when he or she already has a smart phone in his or her pocket.

Just One Port With New Macbook?

No Ports! "Do you even see it?" asked Tim Cook when he held up the latest Macbook. I'm reminded of this little story called the Emperor's New Clothes. Not Groove, Clothes.
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