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project elysium cashes in on afterlife 2015

Good Grief! Cashing in on the Afterlife

In Russell Crowe’s Gladiator, while Maximus fights Commodus to the death, due to a mortal wound, Maximus sees visions of a wall, and then a wooden door leading to lush green fields where his family awaits. That place was Elysium, the Roman version of heaven.
microsoft 10 deadline approaching 2015

Will Microsoft Get Windows 10 to 11th Hour Deadline?

Summer is fast approaching and Microsoft is still busy tweaking Windows 10. Will Microsoft make their Windows 10 deadline? Can they actually ship a satisfactory working product to individuals and businesses willing to immediately adopt their new OS?
google stealing everyones dates 2015 images

Google is stealing everyone’s data

Google was incorporated in 1988 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and its modus operandi was simple – to index content in the most logical and systematic way possible. One of the key concepts from the outset was PageRank
steve jobs vision living at apple 2015

Does Steve Jobs’ Vision still live on at Apple?

It was a tragic day on October 5th 2011 when Steve Jobs sadly passed away. He was without a doubt one of the most influential businessmen in the tech space and the inspiration that he brought to Apple still lives on today several years on.
a majority view of edward snowden 2015

A Majority Viewpoint Of Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is a system administrator who has worked in numerous roles and for companies including Dell as well as the central intelligence agency (CIA).
big brother not happy with encryption pgp 2015 images

Big Brother Doesn’t Like Encryption

Few in the general population use encryption or are expected to use encryption software. In fact, most people today are open books. One could write down a simple biography of a person from their posts in Facebook right down to what they ate for dinner for a particular date night and their itinerary for their trip to Paris from their Twitter posts.
microsoft edge test sharp or blunt 2015

Is Microsoft’s Edge Sharp or Blunt?: Windows 10 Updates

It’s been made official for a few weeks now that Project Spartan’s name is Edge. Many Windows 10 insiders were disappointed with the browser’s official name though not bad, was just not as cool as Spartan.
google for entrepreneurs 2015

Google for Entrepreneurs: A Goldfish Tank or Piranha Tank?

Caught an episode of Shark Tank last week while channel surfing. Hearing good things about it, I decided to stick around. It was indeed like an American Idol for businessmen. It was enjoyable, it was interesting and a bit harrowing for some of the clueless contestants.
windows 10 keeps bringing in more new people 2015

More Windows 8 Haters Now Flocking To Windows 10

In the aftermath of the apocalypse known as Windows 8, more and more Windows faithful flock to the upcoming Windows 10 to see what the commotion is all about and how it can restore peace and order in the consumer and business world.
police smiling arresting protestor 2015

When Truth & Justice Becomes Big Business

Nowadays, the truth often hurts and justice can be costly. It hurts that the very persons who are sworn to serve and protect the people are the ones who cause harm. When justice is denied, it hurts so much that frustrated people take to the streets to demand truth and justice, but end up causing more harm and damage thus becoming costly.

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