apple watch price meant for high enders worth money 2015

Is the New Apple Watch Really Worth Your Money?

10,000 dollars for a watch. It’s nothing new. There are several watch brands, most notably Rolex that sells for much more than that. But suddenly Apple, a new player in the watch market, presumptuously announces that it’s selling a watch with a 10,000 to 17,000 dollar price tag. The watch is called the Apple Watch Edition; an electronic marvel like many of the company’s products, is encased in 18 karat gold.
android wear with lg g watch tech 2015

Smartwatches: Fad or Bad?

Smartwatches have had a recent growth in popularity with the latest line of Android Wear watches and the new Apple smart watch. Many people are skeptical about the practicality of them, and see no real benefit of having one when he or she already has a smart phone in his or her pocket.
tim cook introduces apples new macbook with just one port 2015 images

Just One Port With New Macbook?

No Ports! "Do you even see it?" asked Tim Cook when he held up the latest Macbook. I'm reminded of this little story called the Emperor's New Clothes. Not Groove, Clothes.
facebook may turn apps into 3d virtual reality with oculus vr purchase 2015

What Facebook’s Oculus VR Purchase Could Mean For You

In March of 2014 Facebook negotiated to purchase Oculus VR, a company responsible for manufacturing virtual reality headsets. Officials at the social media site want to offer members an experience comparable to hanging out with their friends in person even when they are simply viewing a friend’s photos.
dita von teese 3d printed gown 2015

What the Future Holds In Store For 3D Printing

Three dimensional (3D) printing is a form of technology that is growing rapidly. It provides a quick and efficient way of prototyping at a low cost. There is currently a big push to get 3D printing on a consumer based ‘desktop’ form factor, much like an ink or laser jet printer.
cloud servers are issues with trust 2015

Just How Trustworthy Is That Cloud?

These days, the hype is centered on the ‘cloud’. Everyone’s connected to the internet, storage is getting cheaper (online or offline), so is bandwidth and with the United States’ move to net neutrality, bandwidth-related performance limits should be a thing of the past
betabrand anti paparazzi clothing hot trend 2015

Anti Paparazzi Clothing Hot Tech Trends 2015

A recent crowdfunding effort by Betabrand is leading to the creation of clothing that makes the person wearing it invisible to cameras. No doubt that the celebrities who are constantly hounded by the paparazzi are the ones who will benefit the most from this clothing.
mercedes benz prototype for self driving car

Our Future of Self Driving Cars

Car companies like Mercedes and BMW, as well as companies like Google and Apple have thrown around the idea of building a self driving car. The CES 2015, held in Las Vegas, made it known to the world that as early as 2017 but by 2020 at the latest
marissa mayer developing yahoo mobile initiative 2015

Yahoo’s Mobile Initiative: Make Yahoo Relevant in the Mobile Arena

When Marissa Mayer came aboard the sinking ship called Yahoo, she was appalled at the number of developers in its mobile division. There were about fifty developers available and she immediately made changes; she hired more developers, required actual presence of employees for better teamwork and got rid of some dead weight but ironically added more shipload in the form of acquisitions.
ryan dalton founder of rescue forensics 2015

Human Trafficking, There’s Now an App for Dealing With That

The development of apps and programs spans into realms beyond business and entertainment. Apps are made as solutions to certain problems. Sex or human trafficking is one of those problems.