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silk road gone but will return 2015 tech deep web

Will there be another Silk Road on the deep dark web?

The US government through the FBI has imposed a massive crackdown on online illegal drug markets within the Dark aka Deep Web. The best known of these was Silk Road, an online black market best known for selling illegal drugs, fake IDs and other illegal items
data privacy exist question

Does Data Privacy Even Exist?

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about the need for data privacy. Emerging technologies like big data and the Internet of Things are brining privacy concerns to the forefront and it seems like the need to protect our personal data is becoming more and more relevant
google chrome putting flash on hold images 2015

Google Chrome Puts Flash on Hold

Flash has been with us for quite some time now. We’re not talking about Barry Allen but the technology which helped revolutionize how we interact with information on the internet. But progress can be a thankless thing.
apple watch data 2015

So was it time for Apple Watch?

It’s something new from Apple and the world should have it. When you buy it, it has to be tweeted, its screenshots posted on Facebook and the end of the email should read: ‘Sent from my …’ Apple simply killed the last two quarters of 2014 with the sales of the iPhone 6+.
breathing new life into your old computer

Breathing New Life Into Your Old Computer With eBay Deals

Wall Street might keep saying that the economy is booming and everything is going great, but we all know the real truth, and many people are still having to stay on a very tight budget.
isis claims attack hack on us military bases

U.S. vs Hackers

Knowing is half the battle. No, it’s not a public safety advice from a Saturday morning cartoon. It’s a very important adage to remember when facing challenges, battles and war.
project elysium virtual seance tech 2015

Project Elysium: Virtual Séance

Project Elysium is the embodiment of a vision created by Nick Stavrou and Steve Koutsouliotas – co-founders of Paranormal Games based out of Adelaide Australia.
can we secure the cloud 2015 images

Can we ever secure the cloud?

Cloud computing and big data are both taking the world by storm and are hot topics on all technology related conversations.
internet helping small business over large ones 2015

Will the Internet ever give power back to the little guy?

For many years the corporate giants have ruled almost all areas of business and have really held the power when it comes to the consumer marketplace.
unsent it prevents premature email sends 2015 woman images

Unsend It Saves You From Those Embarrassing Premature E-mail Sends

We've all done it, misinterpreted an e-mail from someone and responded back before taking that requisite ten seconds to breathe and read what we've written. Even worse, is when you read the original e-mail again after firing off a blistering response

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