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apple imac 8k would kill 4k 2015 technology

Could Apple Kill 4K by Going Straight to 8K?

Apple just loves going premium, sometimes driving technology to new heights just to be different. Before the iPod, a thousand songs in a portable music player was unheard of.
htc one m9 vs samsung galaxy s6 edge 2015

2015 Smartphone Battles: HTC One M9 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Both of these phones are very smart pieces of tech, compiled into a very lightweight case and powered by the latest version of the Android mobile operating system. They are also similar in size as well as functionality but there are some subtle differences and the smart phones each hold favour with two different groups of tech users.
microsoft spartan not protecting peoples privacy2015

Microsoft Justifies Spartan Not Covering People’s Tracks: Windows 10 Updates

So far so good for Microsoft’s Project Spartan browser for Windows 10. It works nicely with minimal crashes. It does look simply Spartan up to the point that the address bar can’t be discerned from the window header.
apple launch days draw huge crowds until watch 2015

No More Lines on Apple Watch Launch Day?

If Apple sold popcorn, hotdogs, and drinks for an insane 20 bucks, each encased in white containers during those long lines every time they release something new, they’d probably make a lot of money and maybe get into the food business.
windows 10 secure boot locks out operating systems 2015

Windows 10 Secure Boot to Boot out Other Operating Systems

Microsoft has just recently announced that they plan to push through what they started when they launched Windows 8—securing the computer against operating systems other than their own.
5g making lives better and busier 2015 tech

Will 5G Make Our Lives Better or Busier?

Remember that old Nokia commercial of one of their phones with a front cam? Some guy was walking at a mall when his phone rings so he scrambles through the mall looking for something which turns out to be a bed on display.
newer things in windows 10 tech 2015newer things in windows 10 tech 2015

What’s Even Newer In Windows 10

So what’s new with Windows 10? It’s a bit awkward since Windows 10 isn’t officially out yet. Not for long though since Microsoft announced that it’s pushing for an earlier release this summer.
google manipulating search data 2015

Has Google Left Their Morals Behind?

When Google was originally created by Larry Paige and Sergey Brin in March 1998 they had no idea what the company would become but they most definitely did have a vision.
simpsons working google glass 2015

Google Glass Not Dead Says Google

Last January, Google announced its termination of the Google Glass Explorer program and pulled the headset off the market. That seemed to be the end of the controversial product that literally gave its users a bad name.
apple expects apple watch to sell out friday 2015 images

Apple Watch To Sell Out Friday Claims Apple

It's not surprising that Apple is already claiming that they will be selling out of their highly marketed Apple Watch on Friday when it comes available for pre-sale. With 38 models to choose from, the company is playing it smart doing pre-sales two weeks ahead of when it is to become available.