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anti tech backlash hitting cities 2015

Is the Anti-Tech Backlash Real or Just a Few Paranoid People Making Noise?

There’s a rumor that we are about to experience a major anti-technology backlash. One which will result from another economic bubble much like the dotcom crash that happened at the turn of the millennium.
samsung galaxy s7 folds 2015

Do you really need that new smartphone?

The smartphone is one of the most successful pieces of consumer tech and has been for quite some time. Despite the original intention for the mobile phone being a very simple one, the device has evolved into its current form and is a necessity for the average adult.
digital drivers license helpful or easy hack 2015

Digital Drivers License: Helpful Or Another Easy Hack?

As the capabilities of modern technology improve and as more and more people become connected to the Internet we are seeing more and more services moving from physical to virtual, and such is the case with the digital drivers license.
windows 10 bringing a lot to gaming xbox pc 2015

What Windows 10 Will Bring To Gaming

Windows 10, the latest version of the popular Windows operating system is well on its way along the production line and with the public technical preview soon to be closing off, the operating system is nearing its final stages of development with an intended launch coming this summer.

Google Fiber Hitting Salt Lake City Utah Next Plus Upcoming Cities

Google Fiber is slowly but surely making itself roll out across southern and middle America with Salt Lake City being the next target. Many cities have been hoping that the big G will come to their cities, but when dealing with anything Telecom related, you know there's bound to be plenty of battles to hold things up.
net neutrality hit with two lawsuits against fcc 2015

FCC Net Neutrality Lawsuits Hit

It was inevitable that after the FCC passed the net neutrality bill, someone would get their feathers ruffled, and two lawsuits have now hit with more surely to come.
windows 10 licensing nightmare problems 2015

Windows 10: Licensing Revolution or Licensing Nightmare?

Will Windows make another big licensing mess with Windows 10 or have they finally learned their lesson?
windows 10 not free for pirated copies 2015

Microsoft Not Rewarding Windows 10 Non-Genuine Upgrades

Last January, Microsoft was making everyone's day with a free yearlong upgrade for Windows 10, even people who had non-genuine copies of the OS. You knew that was too good to be true people, so they've revised their wording to make sure it's more clear.
intelligence committee door chain on cybersecurity

The Intelligence Committee’s Door Chain

Door chains are a must have when it comes to home security. It’s basically a last line of defense to keep an intruder or someone unwelcome from barging into an unlocked door. In the US Senate Intelligence Committee, one senator metaphorically acted as that door chain to keep a potentially dangerous bill from passing in the Senate.
pcs on the way out or not 2015

An Ode to PCs? Not Likely

The end is nigh, says the generic, religious homeless person with a sandwich board. PCs are out! Convert to mobile! Let us go to the cloud! Are PCs doomed to death soon? Should he be believed?