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Sony upgrades PS4 for 4k gaming and slimmer version

There've been plenty of rumors about the Sony Playstation 4 Neo, and on Wednesday, the company revealed that it's actually two versions; one slimmer and one pro which included 4K gaming.

Is it back to basics for Nintendo NX?

Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Nintendo NX remains mysterious. It will be powerful for sure. But there is one persistent rumor that has many people suffering from low-bandwidth and high-DLC excited

Nintendo Classic Mini: Gone in 60 Seconds

The much-awaited Nintendo Classic Mini was officially released November 12, 2016. This release was short-lived as millions of NES fans, mostly adults by now, emptied Amazon’s stock of the device in less than 60 seconds.

Top 6 Pokemon Go secrets being kept quiet

Pokemon Go has become that phenomenon that even your grandparents have heard of. Even if you aren't one of the millions who don’t play the game, you might have been annoyed at people

How to start playing online casinos safely

While there are tons of online gaming sites, not all are safe to visit so here's your guide to finding the right ones.

Gamer Weekly: Xbox One S, Gravity Rush 2 and Rise of...

Gaming Weekly (7/17-7/24): Xbox One S, Gravity Rush 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider Release Dates Confirmed and More

Gaming Weekly: ‘Injustice 2,’ ‘Andromeda’ releases plus ‘Unchartered 4’

Gaming Weekly: Project Cars 2, Mass Effect Andromeda and Injustice 2 launching soon plus Uncharted 4 sells over nine million copies.

Gaming takes subscriptions, streaming mainstream

Subscribing and streaming games has been going on for over a decade, but not that Google and Apple have jumped in, expect stores like GameStop to go the way of Block Buster.

Why Simple Games Remain Popular at Online Casinos

Complicated online video games always sound great, but have you ever noticed it's the simpler games that are always the most popular?

Why the most popular games are the simplest ones

Gaming is a billion dollar industry but oftentimes we find that the most popular of all games are the simplest and least complex.