Sony continues dominance over Microsoft at E3

Each year at E3, we know that the head-to-head battle to watch will be Sony vs Microsoft and their consoles PlayStation vs Xbox.
how nintendo overshot super mario run on price, connectivity 2016 images

How Nintendo overshot Super Mario Run on price, connectivity

Nintendo had a great 2016 with the wildly popular Pokemon Go, and early word was amazing for Super Mario Run, but then something happened once the mobile game came out.
hello kitty woman toys that made us

Netflix ‘The Toys That Made Us’ is must see watching for any toy fan

Netflix series The Toys that Made Us continues being a must watch for anyone who loves toys at any age in Season 2 teaching us about Star Trek, Transformers, Hello Kitty and Lego.

Does the Video Game Industry still Coincide with Film and Literature?

How the video gaming industry still works hand in hand with the film industry and literature. You might think your kids don't read enough, but they're still getting exposed to some classics in the games they play.
xbox one, ps4 nintendo switch best deals for 2017 black friday cyber monday images

PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch: best 2017 Black Friday deals

It's holiday season and every gamer will be crazing the Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch so here's the best 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for every game console including PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and even the 3DS
gaming weekly gears of war 4 ultimate early and fallout 4 back 2016 images

Gaming Weekly: Gears of War 4 Ultimate early and Fallout 4 back

Gaming Weekly: Fallout 4 Mods on the Way, Gravity Rush 2 Delayed, Gears of War Movie coming plus ultimate edition comes early.
is it back to basics for nintendo nx 2016 tech

Is it back to basics for Nintendo NX?

Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Nintendo NX remains mysterious. It will be powerful for sure. But there is one persistent rumor that has many people suffering from low-bandwidth and high-DLC excited
Gamer Weekly: Nintendo NX release, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare details hit 2016 images

Gamer Weekly: Nintendo NX release, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare details hit

Nintendo Announces NX Release Date, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Detailed
Gamer Alert Logitech has everything you need mttg 2017 holiday images

Gamer Alert: Logitech has everything you need

Sometimes getting that gaming break can make the workday more bearable. Here are the top 5 Logitech gaming essentials to make that happen.
electronic entertainment expo e3 winners and losers 2016 images

Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 Winners and Losers

E3 aka the Electronic Entertainment Expo brought in more than 50,000 video game industry leaders and insiders this week filling up the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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