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Why Every Gamer Will Have the Xbox One X On Their Wish List 2017 images

Why Every Gamer Will Have the Xbox One X On Their Wish List

Microsoft has always tried to beat Sony's PS4. With the Xbox One X, they finally did it, and this console will be a must for every gamer.

Spot It! Duel will make every family game night a memorable one

With Spot It! Duel, you have a fun interactive family game night just waiting to happen any time of the year wherever you are.

Google takes Pixel 3 to bigger place while Plus finally killed off

Google follows the bigger is better trend as its Pixel 3 is larger and lusher while the media giant finally puts the beleaguered Google Plus to rest in August.
apple vs qualcomm $1b patent fight lawsuit 2017 images

Apple vs Qualcomm in $1 billion patent fight lawsuit

Apple is taking on mobile chip maker Qualcomm in a $1 billion patent lawsuit which puts the iPhone creator against one of its largest suppliers of that product.
china cracking down on internet cracks 2017 images

China cracking down on internet cracks

While the internet has grown up, people have learned how to work around some of its limitations, and China has learned that even while it tries to remain isolated from the rest of the world, not all of its citizens want that.
net neutrality donald trump eyes ajit pai for fcc 2017 images

Net Neutrality: Donald Trump eyes Ajit Pai for FCC

It appears that President Donald Trump is continuing his way of picking people for cabinet positions who are opposed to things within that position. The latest is Ajit Pai, who has been a very fierce opponent of net neutrality
cobol still in demand 2017 images

COBOL Still in Demand

There’s this pervading legend in the tech industry especially among many coders that the ancient programming language COBOL is still in use in many banking and financial institutions. Well, that is very much correct. Believe it or not
google walkout after andy rubin sexual misconduct and ipad news 2018 images

Google walkout over Andy Rubin sexual misconduct plus iPad news

Google protest will see hundreds of engineers walking out due to sexual misconduct and Apple installs new screens for their iPads and Macs similar to their latest iPhones.
sony bravia 4k vs samsung curved uhd tv review 2015

Sony 4K Bravia vs Samsung Curved UHD TV

Among the various 4k aka UHD televisions that are now flooding the market, the two televisions; Samsung Curved UHD and Sony 4K Bravia have been widely accepted by a great many people all over the world
sexy shirtless guy chatting to strangers online

Top 3 Benefits Of Talking To Strangers Online

Most everyone has chatted with a stranger online and most of the time it's a good experience. Here are more great reason why chatting online can be a plus.

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