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nfl news chargers beats rams texands movie inland to dallas from harvey

NFL Roundup: Chargers beat Rams, Falcons lose and Andy Dalton looks good

NFL News: Andy Dalton look good for Bengals, Texans move inland from Hurrican Harvey, Chargers beat Rams, Broncos beat Packers 20-17, Falcons lose 24-14 and Jets take Terrence Brooks.
saints adrian peterson feeling better since leaving vikings 2017 images

Saints Adrian Peterson feeling better since leaving Vikings

Adrian Peterson Feels Good After First Preseason Game Since 2011 After Leaving Minnesota Vikings.
deshone kizer steps over brock osweiler cody kessler to start for browns 2017 images

DeShone Kizer steps over Brock Osweiler, Cody Kessler for Browns starting QB

DeShone Kizer Named Starting QB for Browns Over Brock Osweiler

Panthers impressed with Kelvin Benjamin’s preseason dominance

Panthers No. 1 Receiver Kelvin Benjamin Looking More Dominant Than Ever in Preseason
fantasy football 2017 waiting on quarterback draft pick can be smart choice images

Fantasy Football 2017: Waiting on quarterback draft pick can be smart choice

Everyone always has a winning strategy when it comes to creating that perfect fantasy football team, but sometimes sticking to the basics can save you time and heartbreak
ufc giving conor mcgregor respect for floyd mayweather fight 2017

UFC giving Conor McGregor respect for Floyd Mayweather fight

While some feel Conor McGregor sold out the UFC by taking on the Floyd Mayweather fight, there are plenty of MMA fighters who are giving the outspoken man plenty of respect. 

Maywather McGregor over hyped fight lagging ticket sales

Ticket sales for the very hyped Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor fight have been slashed as they haven't moved as quickly as promoters expected.

Conor McGregor making Vegas bookies nervous with Mayweather fight

While the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight has got fans lathered up, it's making some Las Vegas bookies very nervous.

2017 Fantasy Football busts: Dak Prescott, Andrew Luck top list

Who to avoid by all means with your 2017 Fantasy Football draft picks including Dak Prescott, Jarvis Landry, Andrew Luck and Carlos Hyde.
nfl roundup colin kaepernick not worth it cam newton upgrade and cutler looks good 2017 images

NFL Roundup: Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton plus Cutler looking good

NFL News: Colin Kaepernick still dividing people, Cam Newton steps up, Colts over before they begin, Seahawks beat Chiefs 26-13 while Carson Wentz and Jay Cutler are looking good for 2017 season.