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tom brady laughs off deflate gate for new england patriots 2015 nfc champs

2015 NFL Championship Weekend Recap Patriot Blowout & Seahawks Fly Off To Super Bowl

Championship Week never fails to prove us with some great matchups. As predicted, the Super Bowl is going to be Seahawks Patriots, but it’s not that simple of course.
new england patriots deflate gate tom brady iamges

Deflating Deflate Gate

The Patriots are involved in another possible cheating scandal. They are being investigated for providing footballs that were under inflated. The NFL is doing the investigation
russell wilson shows meaning of sports 2015

Russell Wilson Debunks Meaninglessness of Sports

I heard a very interesting topic discussed a few weeks ago on one of my favorite NFL podcasts. The meaninglessness of sports was brought up as a side note in a discussion about the week's games.
packers vs seahawks nfc championship 2015

NFC Championship Recap: Reports Of Seattle’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated NFL 2015

This NFL Title Games was one for the ages. The battle was not a back and forth one between the Packers and Seahawks.
2015 nfl afc colts vs patriots images

AFC Championship Recap: Patriots Smother Colts…Again NFL 2015

I hope New England fans realize how lucky they are to have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick on their side. These two can make a crew of also rans into a Super Bowl team
super bowl 2015 xlix build up

Here Comes Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Overload!

I cannot wait for the coaching matchup between one Bill Brainiack Belichick and Mr. Motivation Pete Carroll. These two men are a pair of historically great coaches
anderson silva vs nick diaz ufc 2014

What’s Next For Anderson Silva If He Beats Nick Diaz?

On January 31st, 2015, the greatest fighter in UFC history will return to the Octagon. Anderson Silva makes his comeback from a broken leg to face the always entertaining Nick Diaz.
top 10 best nfl players to interview 2015

Top 10 Best NFL Players To Interview

If last year's Richard Sherman rant after the NFC title game tells us anything, it is that some players are just better interviews than others. Clichés are so boring and pathetic.
most underrated college basketball players 2014

Top 5 Most Underrated College Basketball Players 2014-2015

With the college basketball season hitting its midpoint, several of the nation’s best players continue to fly under the radar.
most overrated college basketball players

Top 5 Most Overrated College Basketball Players 2014-2015

There are a number of college basketball players across the country that are deserving of mention as the best in the land. There are some with accolades that might not be so well deserved.