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joe rogans top best ufc mma quotes

Joe Rogan’s Best UFC MMA Quotes

Joe Rogan has some great quotes out there. The guy is a stand up comedian, UFC fight commentator, and hosts one of the top podcasts in the world.
jon jones positive for using cocaine but swear not addict 2015

UFC Jon Jones: Addict Or Just A Slip Up?

Jon Jones, the UFC's pound for pound best fighter, is the last guy Dana White wants to see in trouble. Fighters are rarely squeaky clean, but cocaine in the system right after a big pay per view is a long way from squeaky clean
college basketball programs needing major changes 2015

Top 5 College Basketball Programs Needing Major Changes

The college basketball season is heating up as teams are working through their league schedules. Top-ranked Kentucky and No. 2 Virginia remain unbeaten midway through January
deflate gate blows up after tom brady speaks 2015

WATCH: ‘Deflate Gate’ Blows Up As Tom Brady Speaks

In case you missed the Tom Brady press conference about Deflate Gate, you need to check it out above. It was much more entertaining than the AFC Title Game
top 5 college football programs needing major changes for 2015 images

5 College Football Programs Needing Major Changes For 2015

As we head into 2015, the state of college football is alive and well. The first-ever College Football Playoff proved to be exciting and enjoyable for fans around the nation
michael jordan nba all star game best three 2015

NBA All-Star Game: Best Three

With less than a month until the 2015 NBA all-star game at Madison Square Garden, basketball fans don't have long to wait until they find out who will make a mark on the big occasion this year.
top 7 most underrated nfl players 2015 images

Top 7 Most Underrated NFL Players 2014 2015 Season

They are on every roster in the National Football League. They are players that the average pro football fan has never heard of unless said players play for their favorite team. Here is a look at seven of the NFL’s most unsung heroes
ufc dana white insane answers 2015

10 Insane Dana White Answers On UFC

Dana White is the most fascinating head of a pro sport today. The president of the UFC is actually one of the most interesting sports figures in any position. His style is a straight shooting, no BS way of doing business.

Top 7 Most Overrated NFL Players 2014-2015

Some NFL players just don’t live up to the hype. The 2014 season witnessed several of these players and their abysmal seasons.
ncaa needs to improve tarnished image 2015

NCAA 2015: Can they move forward or just fade away?

Now that the 2014 college football season has wrapped up we can take a look at the ugliness of the NCAA as they move into 2015. Just because football ended doesn't mean that the NCAA will stop taking advantage of athletes