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denver broncos vs indianapolis colts nfl playoffs 2015 images

2015 NFL Divisional Round Preview Predictions

Some ‘big’ news in the NFL today. The Mueller report on the Ray Rice incident was released. Surprisingly the man the NFL hired to investigate them found in their favor. No one saw that coming. Anyways, here’s the Divisional Round:
dallas cowboys vs detroit lions nfl 2015 wildcard game

2015 NFL Wild Card Weekend Recap: Closing In On Super Bowl

The Wild Card weekend of the NFL playoffs is finally over, and now things start to get even more intense. Ever team still alive is only two wins away from a Super Bowl appearance.
2015 nfl wild card playoffs recap tony romo images

NFL Wild Card Weekend Recap Pt 2: Cowboys Mount Comeback & Too Much Luck

The biggest arm in the NFL belongs to Andrew Luck. He isn't the best in the league just yet, but his arm strength is incredible. If not for a few drops in this game by his receivers, the score would have been even more lopsided in favor of the Colts.
2015 nfl wildcard playoffs recap images steelers

NFL Wild Card Weekend Recap Pt 1: Whiplashed Steelers & QBless Cards 2015

The Wild Card Weekend got the playoffs rolling with a couple of Saturday games then wrapped up with two more on Sunday. While only one of the four games was a close contest in the end, there were still enough story lines to go around.
nfl coach search in 2015 not good

NFL Coach Search Not Going So Well For 2015

There are a couple teams that don’t seem to mind shedding a coach every 2.5 years. The Raiders are one such team and it is not hard to see how terrible that approach has worked out for them.
2014 college football recap collage ncaa

2014: The Beginning Of A New Era In College Football

It marked a changing of the times in college football. The 2014 season was the first in the new College Football Playoff era and what it a season it was. Here is a recap of some of the highlights as well as the lowlights from 2014
2015 nfl wildcard playoffs best matches images

2015 NFL Wild Card Weekend Best Matchups: DeMarco Murray vs Ndamukong Suh

It’s the NFL playoffs, so if you’re a hardcore football fan there’s no excuse for not watching every single game. Here are the four matchups (one from each game) that you should keep an eye on
2015 nfl wildcard weekend playoffs images

2015 NFL Wild Card Weekend Overview: Bengals v Colts, Lions v Cowboys

Wild Card weekend is upon us. All those teams that weren’t good enough to make the top four now have a chance to show their stuff and gain some momentum
tom brady sucks new england patriots nfl 2015 images

2014 NFL Playoff Overview: Tom Brady Sucks & Cowboys Finally Have A Defense

The NFL season is finally (sadly) over. Week 17 showed us a lot about a lot of teams, and it also helped us identify which teams stand a chance in the playoffs this season.
2014 nfl week 17 recap images

2014 NFL Week 17 Recap: Denver & New England Playoffs

The regular season is over in the NFL and that means it is playoff time SON! But with that excitement comes the sadness of knowing there are just a few games left in the NFL this year.