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NFL Preseason Week 2 Roundup

What can we take away from the past two weeks of NFL preseason action? Lots of small injuries, little to no star QB or running back action

NFL Preseason Winding Down 2014

After week two of NFL exhibition games, I start to lose my enthusiasm. I start checking the college football schedule for some upcoming games which will be “real ones”.

August UFC Rankings 2014

UFC rankings for August 2014 with Demetrius Johnson the champion.

NFL 49ers Not Extending Jim Harbaugh Is A Mistake

How valuable is a great NFL coach anyway? That is a great question and it is best asked to lowly teams that have not had a great coach in a while.

NFL Pre-Season Week 2 Overview 2014: All About Johnny Manziel

After these two weeks of NFL play, it is obvious that anything Johnny Manziel does will make the news.

Future NFL Fails

Matt Lienart is in the ad shown grilling and staring off into space when someone mentions college. That was indeed his heyday. The former USC star was a legend at the collegiate level but a complete flop as a pro.

Gareth Thomas & James Haskell Open the Closet On Professional Sports

Gareth Thomas has always been pretty outspoken on being himself both on and off the rugby field which is slowly becoming more common here in the U.S.

2014’s Most Underrated NFL Football Players

There are a few reasons for an NFLer to be underrated. Playing on a bad team or a small market franchise doesn't allow for the national exposure that some players get.

NFL Pre-Season Week 1 Overview

Let me start with Johnny Football. Manziel did get plenty of playing time in his first NFL outing. The kid completed seven out of eleven passes, which is good, but it was against preseason players of course.

Most Overrated NBA Players – 2014/2015 Season

The NBA is full of big names; however, sometimes players can become well known without actually being that good. These overrated players tend to make a lot of money

Most Underrated NBA Players – 2014/2015 Season

Every basketball fan knows who LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are, but many less dedicated fans probably would not recognize a smaller name player such as Jeff Teague.

NFL’s New Look With Thursday Night Football On CBS

Thankfully the pitiful offerings of summer time TV are almost over with the NFL revving up. If not for HBO, I would not turn the TV on in the summer.