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Recent NHL Coaching Changes & Transactions

The 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs are winding down however there's still plenty of news regarding transactions. Recently numerous signings have taken place in coaching positions.

Blackhawks vs Ducks Game 7 Decider: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Chicago Blackhawks staved off elimination on Wednesday night with a 5-2 victory over the Anaheim Ducks in game six of their best-of-seven series. The result sets up a game seven in the Western Conference Finals

Rangers Put A Crimp On Lightning: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Tampa Bay Lightning locker room couldn't have been that great of a place to be on Tuesday night following game six of the 2015 Eastern Conference Finals. The Lightning entered the game poised to qualify for the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals

Anaheim Ducks & Tampa Bay Ready To Collide: 2015 Stanley Cup...

The Anaheim Ducks and the Tampa Bay Lightning are both on the verge of making it to the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Finals following action over the last two days. On Sunday, Tampa Bay defeated the New York Rangers 2-0 to pull ahead 3-2 in the eastern conference finals.

Blackhawks Beat Ducks Tying Everything Up: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Odds are high that the Anaheim Ducks will be taking on the Tampa Bay Lightning, but the Chicago Blackhawks proved that they're going to go down fighting before allowing that to happen.

New York Rangers Zapped Again By Tampa Bay Lightning: Stanley Cup...

Once again, the New York Rangers got zapped by the Tampa Bay Lightning, 2-0, in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs finals on Sunday at Madison Square Garden.

Anaheim Ducks vs Tampa Bay Lightning: 2015 Stanley Cup Finals

The 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Finals, at this point, are looking as though they will feature a match-up between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Anaheim Ducks.

Mike Babcock Leaving Red Wings for Toronto Maple Leafs

Mike Babcock has been hired by the Toronto Maple Leafs, according to NHL. com, and an official announcement that will be made official on Thursday.

Blackhawks & Ducks Tie It Up: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs Game...

The seventeenth longest game in NHL history was played on Tuesday night in Anaheim. The Anaheim Ducks, hosting the Chicago Blackhawks in game two of the western conference finals, came up on the losing end.

Edmonton Oilers Bring On Todd McLellan As New Coach

After spending seven season as the head coach of the San Jose Sharks, Todd McLellan is heading over to help bring new life back to the Edmonton Oilers, according to an article at