Hockey is that sport that will draw you in no matter if you’re a fan or not. We cover all the leagues and players in a sport where the season seems to last forever.

Lightning Strike Canadiens Twice & Caps Trounce Rangers: 2015 Stanley Cup...

The 2015 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs featured two games on Wednesday night. The results from each game saw both losers pushed to the brink of elimination.

2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Calgary Flames Avoid Burnout from Anaheim Ducks

The Calgary Flames, in what was possibly the best game of the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs so far, defeated the Anaheim Ducks on Tuesday night. With what could only be called incredible perseverance, Calgary fought for their playoff lives to the bitter end

Edmonton Oilers Among 2016 Stanley Cup Favorites

The Edmonton Oilers, back in 2006, was a franchise that boasted a talented lineup. Edmonton, for starters, had Michael Peca, Chris Pronger, Ryan Smyth, and a host of other talented players.

Anaheim Ducks Close To Putting Out Calgary’s Flame: 2015 Stanley Cup...

The Calgary Flames, following two subpar performances in games one and two of their second round series against the Anaheim Ducks, are in a world of trouble. The Flames, down 0-2 in the series, will host the Ducks from downtown Calgary on Tuesday night.

2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Montreal Canadiens In Big Trouble With Lighting

The Montreal Canadiens were among the favorites to win the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs when the post-season began. Montreal, in backing up their reputation as one of the best teams in the league, roared out to a 3-0 lead against the Ottawa Senators in the first round.

New York Rangers vs Washington Capitals: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Saturday was generally a busy day in sports however in the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs specifically, the action was fairly quiet. Only the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers played as the two teams met for game two of their second round series.

TB Lightning Zaps Montreal Canadiens: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The 2015 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs continued on Friday night with the Montreal Canadiens hosting the Tampa Bay Lightning. Tampa Bay entered the game perhaps at a little bit of a disadvantage since they were forced to play seven games in the opening round series, while Montreal only played six.

Ducks Put Out Flames & Wild vs Blackhawks: 2015 Stanley Cup...

The second round of the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs began on Thursday night. Four teams were in action as the Washington Capitals travelled to New York to take on the Rangers in the early game. The later game saw the Calgary Flames open their series against the Anaheim Ducks.

2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Calgary Flames Betting Odds

The Calgary Flames, playing in their first postseason in more than a handful of years, won their first playoff series since the 2004 Western Conference finals. Calgary will next face the Anaheim Ducks, a team that swept the Winnipeg Jets in the opening round.

2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Wild Canadiens Move Forward & Lightning vs...

The 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs continued on Sunday and two more teams advanced to the second round. In the early game of the day, the Minnesota Wild hosted the St. Louis Blues in St. Paul.

2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Flames vs Ducks & Blackhawks Move On

Saturday's results from the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs saw two teams advance to the second round. Two more may join them by the end of Sunday as there are two pivotal game sixes scheduled for April 26th.

Calgary Flames vs Vancouver Canucks Game 6: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Calgary Flames had a chance to eliminate the Vancouver Canucks on Thursday night and in many ways it felt as though they were poised to do just that. Calgary had already won a game in Vancouver in their first round 2015 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs series and the Flames held an early lead in game five.
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