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roger goodell fights for nfl control as demaurice smith enters 2017 images

Roger Goodell fights for NFL control as DeMaurice Smith enters

Roger Goodell Struggles to Retain Control of NFL, DeMaurice Smith Enters the Anthem Kneeling Conversation Stirred up by President Donald Trump.
richard sherman speaks his truth on fantasy football fans 2017 images

Richard Sherman speaks his truth on fantasy football fans

Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman to Fantasy Owners: NFL Players ‘Don’t Care About Your Fantasy Team’
nfl anthem standing now an expectation 2017 images

NFL anthem standing now an expectation

NBA, Commissioner Adam Silver Expect All Players to Stand for National Anthem
donald trump sucks air out of nfl but unites teams 2017 images

Donald Trump sucks air out of NFL but unites teams

Donald Trump Makes the NFL More Political than Ever Before
richard sherman points finger at nfl on injury reports 2017 images

Richard Sherman points finger at NFL on injury reports

Richard Sherman Accuses NFL of Supporting Gambling and Vegas through Injury Reports
eli manning can take whatever ben mcadoo gives him 2017 images

Eli Manning can take whatever Ben McAdoo gives him

Ben McAdoo Throws Eli Manning Under the Bus, but Giants Recovery Starts with Him
adrian peterson already complaining about saints 2017 images

Adrian Peterson already complaining about Saints after Vikings loss

Adrian Peterson Upset with Sean Payton, ‘Didn’t Sign Up for Nine Snaps’

Colin Kaepernick just waiting for an NFL team to bite

Free Agent Colin Kaepernick Breaks Silence: ‘I’m Ready Right Now’ with New York Daily News Shaun King.

Eli Manning ready for fans to calm down after Giants loss

Eli Manning Tells Everyone to Calm Down After Giants Week One Loss
alex smith already looking at other nfl teams for 2018 season images

Alex Smith already looking at other NFL teams for 2018

Alex Smith Knows his Days with the Kansas City Chiefs are Numbered

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