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jay cutler lands $10 million one year deal with dolphins 2017 images

Jay Cutler lands $10 million one-year deal with Dolphins

It seems that Jay Cutler is suddenly interested in playing football again. Well, maybe getting paid $10 million plus up to $3 million in incentive for one-year is motivating him.
tom brady 40 year birthday

Tom Brady’s 40 never looked better

Tom Brady is easily (or arguably) the greatest quarterback of all time, and now that 40 is looking him square in the eye, he knows there are others breathing down his neck.
will baltimore ravens take the colin kaepernick plunge 2017 images

Will Baltimore Ravens take the Colin Kaepernick plunge?

ESPN reported that the Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and general manager Ozzie Newsome were onboard to sign free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick
jets jamal adams clarifies his dying for football statement 2017 images

Jets Jamal Adams clarifies his dying for football statement

Rookie Jamal Adams quickly learned how words matter in today's world, and clarified what he meant by 'dying on the field.'

Ravens John Urschel timely NFL retirement

Baltimore Ravens OL John Urschel Announces Retirement Two Days After CTE Study
odell beckham jr high value for himself 2017 images

Odell Beckham, Jr’s high value for himself

Odell Beckham Jr. Wants to be Highest Paid Player in NFL, Won’t Holdout to Get It

NFL Roundup: Greg Olsen lesson learned and Gary Kubiak back

Greg Olsen returns to Panthers training camp learning a lesson, Gary Kubiak back with NFL and Big 10 have message for coaches.
new report shows high percentage of football players with brain disease 2017 images

New CTE report shows brain disease high in football players

Just in time for football to kick for NFL fans, a new updated study reminds us of how dangerous the sport is.
suspension looms for cowboys ezekiel elliott 2017 images

Suspension looms for Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott after Dallas bar fight

Ezekiel Elliott Suspension Seems Likely After Another Bar Altercation
calvin johnson found nfl retirement better than continuing with lions 2017 images

Calvin Johnson found NFL retirement better than continuing with Lions

Calvin Johnson Admits He Chose Retirement Over Continuing to Play for the Lions