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myles garrett lands a lot of green with browns 2017 images

Myles Garrett lands a lot of green with Browns

Even though Myles Garrett gave the Cleveland Browns a heads up not to rely solely on him to save their team, they signed the top draft pick. So now Garrett's first sack as a pro will be filled with plenty of green
tom brady concussion reveal sparks nfl investigation 2017

Tom Brady concussion reveal sparks NFL investigation for Patriots

After Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, let it slip that he had played through a concussion last year that the New England Patriots never reported, the NFL has begun a review of the quarterback's medical records.
myles garrett warns cleveland browns it takes a village 2017 images

Myles Garrett warns Cleveland Browns: It takes a village

Myles Garrett makes sure Cleveland Browns not to rely solely on him to salvage the team.
cody kessler chosen over brock osweiler to start from browns 2017 images

Cody Kessler chosen over Brock Osweiler as Browns starter

Brock Osweiler saved by Cleveland Browns after Texans disappointment but Cody Kessler is their star of the moment.
deshaun watson back to basics with texans 2017 images

Deshaun Watson back to basics with Texans

Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson was not happy when UNC quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was drafted before him. Watson wasn’t overly thrilled when Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech went 10th overall.
just how did that aaron hernandez murder conviction get erased 2017 images

Just how did that Aaron Hernandez murder conviction get erased?

Many people are wondering how Aaron Hernandez got that Odin Lloyd murder conviction erased from his record, and here's how it was done and why.
aaron hernandez may force new england patriots payout 2017 images

Aaron Hernandez may force New England Patriots payout

Aaron Hernandez is dead, along with Odin Lloyd, who he murdered. However, because Hernandez died before he was able to exhaust all his appeals, the state of Massachusetts has officially vacated the murder conviction.
peyton manning recommends julius thomas to dolphins

Peyton Manning input helped push Julius Thomas over to Dolphins

Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Called Peyton Manning Before Trading for Julius Thomas. Manning high praise helped unload Thomas much quicker.
eli manning wants more equal time with rookie davis webb 2017 images nfl

Eli Manning wants more equal time with Giants rookie Davis Webb

After the draft, Eli Manning decided to give the third-round rookie QB a call. But things got a little awkward between the two when the 22-year-old Davis Webb called the two-time Super Bowl champion “Sir.”
jay cutler goes to fox after nfl retires him and that naked viral pic 2017 images

Jay Cutler goes to FOX Sports and that naked viral pic

Jay Cutler didn’t play the best football of his career with the Chicago Bears, but in the NFL, there’s almost always a team desperate enough to pick up a big-name quarterback (unless your name is Colin Kaepernick).