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top 10 worst behaved fans in nfl

Top 10 Worst Behaved NFL Fans

This past week we got to witness the latest fan to go full blown jerk at an NFL game. The Bengals scored a touchdown and the receiver went to toss the ball to one of their fans. A Saints fan ripped the ball away that was clearly meant for a nice lady in Bengals attire.
jim harbaugh crazy eyed on 49ers tailspin 2014 images

NFL Week 14 Recap: 49ers Tailspin Continues & Colts Make Comeback

I can feel the grind of the NFL season taking its toll on me. No, I am not having to limp down stairs like Earl Campbell used to do after games each week. My toll is more mental with this season. Week 14 means we are very close to the playoffs, but it also means we are super close to the end of the NFL season.
college ncaa vs nfl

NFL Vs College Football

I could go on for ages about the fairness factor being a difference in college football and the pro league. I am disgusted by the hypocritical people running universities and the NCAA
aaron rodger nfl bulge makes it for green bay packers 2015

Five Exciting Things With NFL Season Wrapping Up

We head into Thursday night’s game between the Rams and Cardinals with only three weeks left in the regular season. Time flies when you are having a ball, especially when it’s of the pigskin variety.
andrew luck vs russell wilson

Andrew Luck Vs Russell Wilson

The 2012 QB class comparison now shifts to Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson. No other quarterback from the class of 2012 qualifies. No other young QB at all for that matter.

NFL Week 13 Recap 2014

Week 13 in the NFL was spread out over a few more days with the Thanksgiving holidays. Instead of just one Thursday game, we got three. I had the unique experience of watching the day games on Thanksgiving
nfl 2015 logo image

NFL Week 14 Preview 2014: Ready For Tony Romo To Choke Again Plus Predictions

Well, it’s December. Time for the competitors to really step up, the northern teams to freeze, and Tony Romo to choke like it’s the game-winning drive. Here’s the Week 14 match ups:
nfl 2015 logo image

NFL Week 13 Recap 2014: Redskins New Swagger with Colt McCoy

It was another game day full of surprises in the NFL. The Jaguars cost themselves a chance at Marcus Mariota, and the Raiders looked like they want to lose for him.
johnny manziel forecasted to be big bust for 2014 nfl

No One Can Get Enough Of Johnny Manziel Overexposure

I am not sure how many headlines I have read about Johnny Manziel in the past week. ESPN,, and other major sports outlets are not hiding their longing for Johnny Football to get the starting gig in Cleveland
ray rice job hunting

Ray Rice’s NFL Job Hunting

We could debate endlessly whether Ray Rice deserves another chance in football. I don’t have endless time so I will debate it for a few lines here.

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