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Marcus Lattimore nfl cautionary tale

Marcus Lattimore: What Aspiring Footballers Can Learn From His Story

Marcus Lattimore is giving up the game of football for good. One of South Carolina’s greatest players ever has announced his retirement from the NFL
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NFL Week 9 Preview 2014

Peyton Manning faces off against the New England Patriots this weekend for what could possibly be the last time in his glorious career. The Manning-Tom Brady has been fantastic
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NFL Week 8 Review 2014

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new semi-professional football league called the FXFL. To give you a feel for how this league is, Jordan Jefferson and Tahj Boyd are starting quarterbacks
nfl trade deadline 2014

NFL Teams Bottoming Out Halfway Through 2014 Season

There are four teams that I will make a case for their fans to find another team. I could go as far as six teams but I want to pick on the worst of the worst. Also, I would have to include my Atlanta Falcons
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NFL Week 8 Matchups To Watch 2014

With 14 games left in Week Eight there is a lot going on. There are a lot of big name players left to watch as they showcase their talent, and three more divisional matchups to enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the best player matchups for Week Eight:
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NFL Week 8 Preview 2014

It’s Week Eight in the NFL, and Peyton Manning is competing with DeMarco Murray of all people for the MVP talk. We may also be about halfway to seeing both Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan fired from their respective teams
peyton manning takes on denver scoreboard operator

Peyton Manning Takes On Denver Scoreboard Operator With Good Reason

late in the game a mishap changed the focus of the game. No, Peyton Manning didn’t throw a pick six with one of those fluttering ducks he sometimes lofts up.
nfl trade deadline 2014

2014 NFL Trade Deadline Bringing No Drama

The last big trade involved New England taking a seemingly washed up and disinterested Randy Moss off the hands of Oakland for a 4th round pick. Moss was rejuvenated after getting out of that black hole
pete carroll seattle seahawks tackling video 2014

Seattle Seahawks Tackling Video Could Turn Tide On Head Injuries For NFL

Pete Carroll and his staff have done a great thing for football as a whole with their release of the "Hawk Tackling Video". There are some tremendous insights in the video
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NFL Week 7 Recap 2014: Peyton Manning Makes History

Peyton Manning made history this week, breaking Brett Favre’s all-time passing touchdown record, the Jaguars won, the Patriots almost lost to the Jets