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Movie TV Tech Geeks have expanded their sports section to really focus on America's biggest pasttime Football. We've got a few passionate fans of the sport writing for us so you are up to date on everything football NFL related.

Top 10 Hypothetical NFL Prop Bets For 2014

I love to look at crazy NFL proposition bets, AKA prop bets. These wagers are usually most seen around Super Bowl time. You will see things like coin toss result bets, Super Bowl score versus an NBA game score

2014 NFL Week One Picks

Picking for Week One is always the hardest—there is no telling which teams are all hype and which players are the real deal. With that being said, let’s jump right into it:
bill belichick press conference translated

Translating Coach Speak: Episode 1 Bill Belichick Press Conference

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his conference call on Tuesday, September 2, 2014. Here is our translation of his "coach speak".
ravens ray rice drama wife beating continues

Ray Rice Drama Enters Act 3

What is the difference between the Ray Rice story of a few weeks ago and now? We were all in the elevator with him and his girlfriend after seeing the graphic video, released by TMZ.
atlanta falcons offensive line bulge tight 2014

How Will Atlanta Falcons Offensive Line Hold Up This Season?

Matt Ryan is as good as any quarterback in the NFL. I know fantasy gurus and big headed TV talkers don’t give him quite that much credit, but I will do so. The man is clutch.
michael sam out but not done

Michael Sam Out But Not Done With NFL

What if Sam never makes an NFL roster? What will be his career path? I have no idea, but he seems like a bright, ambitious guy who could work in football broadcasting, coaching, or any number of related fields.
roger goodell press conference 2014 controversy

Translated: Roger Goodell Press Conference 2014 Owners Meeting

Roger Goodell had his press conference on Tuesday, May 20th at the owners meeting in Atlanta

NFL Preseason Week 3 Roundup 2014

For all intents and purposes the NFL preseason is over. There is one more game for teams to play, but the starters are basically done. Roster cuts and personnel decisions are being made right now like a corporate firing wave.
nfl preseason 2014 images

NFL Preseason Week 2 Roundup

What can we take away from the past two weeks of NFL preseason action? Lots of small injuries, little to no star QB or running back action
nfl preseason 2014 winding down

NFL Preseason Winding Down 2014

After week two of NFL exhibition games, I start to lose my enthusiasm. I start checking the college football schedule for some upcoming games which will be “real ones”.