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Movie TV Tech Geeks have expanded their sports section to really focus on America's biggest pasttime Football. We've got a few passionate fans of the sport writing for us so you are up to date on everything football NFL related.

wes welker broncos bulge ped suspension

Wes Welker’s PED Suspension Hypocrisy

Wes Welker will be out four games and the Broncos will miss him. However the team will not fall apart without him. They are stacked at receiver and Peyton can make any guy look like a Pro Bowl player
ten reasons nfl waited on ray rice domestic abuse case 2015

Top 10 Reasons NFL Waited Months Before Dealing With Race Rice Domestic Abuse

The video of Ray Rice knocking his girlfriend out cold and dragging her from the elevator cost him his job as an NFL player for now. But why did it take the NFL and the Ravens months to really take action on the guy?
nfl 2015 logo image

NFL Week One Review 2015

The first week of the 2014 NFL is in the books, and there were quite a few big surprises. Here’s a quick recap of each game, and what the results could mean for your favorite team moving forward:

Top 10 NFL Plays Week One 2014

The Cowboys were dismantled by the Niners. here is just one play that shows how bad the Boys' defense is this year.

NFL Week 1 Roundup 2014

The first regular season week in the NFL was awesome as usual. No let down here, even with all the hype we give to football season now. The League delivers the goods for sure.
nfl coach jim harbaugh press conference 2014

John Harbaugh NFL Press Conference Sept 9, 2014 Translated Coach Speak

We translate the "coach speak". Nothing funny about domestic violence. What is funny is the NFL having to do word gymnastics to avoid trouble for themselves.

Top 10 Hypothetical NFL Prop Bets For 2014

I love to look at crazy NFL proposition bets, AKA prop bets. These wagers are usually most seen around Super Bowl time. You will see things like coin toss result bets, Super Bowl score versus an NBA game score

2014 NFL Week One Picks

Picking for Week One is always the hardest—there is no telling which teams are all hype and which players are the real deal. With that being said, let’s jump right into it:
bill belichick press conference translated

Translating Coach Speak: Episode 1 Bill Belichick Press Conference

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his conference call on Tuesday, September 2, 2014. Here is our translation of his "coach speak".
ravens ray rice drama wife beating continues

Ray Rice Drama Enters Act 3

What is the difference between the Ray Rice story of a few weeks ago and now? We were all in the elevator with him and his girlfriend after seeing the graphic video, released by TMZ.