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2014 NFL Week 17 Preview Plus Our Winning Picks

The NFL regular season has reached its final week. Week 17 is all divisional matchups and is often a win-or-go-home situation. Here’s all of the results and their playoff implications:
johnny manzeil injured brian hoyer bringing cleveland browns down nfl 2014 season images

2014 NFL Week 16 Recap: Johnny Manziel Injury Brings Down Browns & Colts Slip...

Sometimes two bad teams can come together and have a good game, but this certainly wasn’t one of those. Blake Bortles was really poor through the air finishing with 115 yards, but he was able to pick up some chunks of yardage using his feet.
johnny manziel injured by luke kuechly bulge nfl cry

NFL 2014 Week 16 Hot Matchups: Johnny Manziel vs Luke Kuechly

With two weeks left for the non-playoff teams, fans need to enjoy seeing their team while it lasts. But for you Jaguars and Titans fans who don’t know what to watch for this Sunday, here’s a few things to look for:
2014 nfl season previews week 15

NFL 2014 Week 16 Preview: College Football Over So NFL Rules Networks

College football is finally over, so the NFL gets to rule the entire weekend. Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday is now dedicated solely to NFL football. With five divisions up for grabs, it’s going to be a good week.
peyton manning sacked again 2015

Peyton Manning’s Rhythm Method Off According To Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner believes Peyton Manning’s recent struggles are due to a rhythm issue. The team is determined to run the ball more so Warner thinks this is putting Peyton in a weird spot.
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2014 NFL Week 15 Recap: Ryan Lindley Takes Out the Rams, Johnny Manziel Big...

With only two weeks left in the NFL regular season, it is time to put up or shut up. There are a few teams that shut up weeks ago. Those teams only have to worry about their draft position in the next couple of weeks.
josh gordon nfl career on life support

Josh Gordon’s NFL Career On Life Support

If there was a 911 call center for NFLers with career emergencies, then Josh Gordon would need to hit those three digits. The Cleveland wide out is in need of some professional help.
johnny manziel forecasted to be big bust for 2014 nfl

NFL 2014 Week 15 Recap: Johnny Manziel’s Debut Gets Squashed By Bengals

Never an ordinary week in the NFL, especially this late in the season. The Buffalo Bills pulled a big upset, and the Bengals absolutely ruined Johnny Manziel’s debut. With only two weeks left and five divisions still up for grabs
2014 nfl season previews week 15

2014 NFL Season Week 15 Preview

Well there are only three weeks left in the 2014 regular season (sad, I know), and no team has clinched a playoff berth yet this season. There are multiple 2 win teams, and multiple 9 plus win teams. It’s a weird season. Well, here’s Week 15:
jim harbaugh makes his sophies choice

Jim Harbaugh Has His ‘Sophie’s Choice’ Moment

Jim Harbaugh is one of the top five coaches in the country right now and is better than Nick Saban. Yes, I said it Bama fan. Harbaugh is better than your guy, who is currently the best paid coach in football.

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