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jameis winston scandals hurting nfl career 2015 images

Jameis Winston Desperately In Need Of A Mentor

Sanders said recently that he has spoken to Jameis Winston about his conduct off the field. Sanders knows what it is like to be in the bright spotlight as a superstar at FSU, so who else would be better to mentor the wayward Winston?
chip kelly strange ways nfl

Eagle’s Chip Kellys’ Strange Strange Ways

I am sure many of the Eagles players were surprised at all the strange techniques that Chip Kelly brought to the game. Unless a player had been with the Ducks in their college playing days
adrian peterson child abuse case nfl 2014 images

Adrian Peterson Child Abuse Case More Than Just Another NFL Black Eye

As the NFL deals with a new abuse case almost weekly, there is one that sticks out. The Adrian Peterson case involves not a woman, but a child. Peterson has been indicted on charges of injuring a child
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NFL Week 4 Preview 2015

Have you been outside recently? It’s finally starting to feel like football weather! It only took four weeks
floyd mayweather bottoms out for ray rice nfl abuses 2014

Floyd Mayweather’s Thoughts On Ray Rice & NFL Response

It would be nice if the best boxer in the world would simply go away. That is a shame to have to say about one of the best athletes alive today. But Floyd Mayweather's recent comments on the Ray Rice case
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NFL Week Three Recap 2015

Falcons 56, Buccaneers 14: This may be the biggest blowout in the history of Thursday Night Football. The Falcons did whatever they wanted on offense while the Buccaneers struggled to stop turning the ball over
roger goodell september 2014 press conference translated 2015

What Did NFL’s Roger Goodell Really Say About Ray Rice Videos?

On September 20th, Roger Goodell met with the press to give updates on how the NFL will proceed on domestic violence cases. He not only made a statement but also fielded numerous questions from the reporters on hand
nfl baltimore ravens week two recap own daniels

NFL Week 2 Recap: More Drama Off Field Than On

The upper management of the National Football League would sure like to see more headlines that begin with talk of late game heroics or overtime shockers.
roger goodell september 2014 press conference translated 2015

Translation Of Roger Goodell’s NFL Press Conference September 19th 2014

Roger Goodell had another press conference to try and turn the tide of the image wounding domestic violence cases in the NFL. He fielded many questions during the presser
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NFL Week 3: What To Watch For 2015

It seems like every time you turn around this week another NFL player is getting arrested. Can we please just get back to football? Here’s some (football-related) stuff to watch for in Week Three: