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NFL Week 10 Recap: Tony Romo Back & Johnny Manziel Worth It Plus NSFW...

Is it just me....actually, don't need to ask....I know it seems like the season just started and yet here we are just six weeks away from the end of the regular season. Time flies when having fun (i.e. drinking beer and watching the NFL).
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NFL Week 10 Hottest Matchups To Watch

With five big divisional matchups this week including the always exciting Chicago Green Bay rivalry. It’s impossible to watch everything, but here’s a few matchups you should keep an eye on this week:
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NFL Week 10 Preview – Season Half Over Already

The 2014 NFL is half over. I know, I cried a little too. Now is the time where the Super Bowl contenders start to really separate themselves from the other playoff teams. This is also the week where division matchups start to become a lot more meaningful.
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NFL Week 9 2014 Recap: Saints Road Warriors & Philip Rivers Dries Out MVP...

The New Orleans Saints got a road win, and Philip Rivers dropped out of every MVP conversation in the country. Tony Romo is hurt, Nick Foles is hurt, and Robert Griffin III couldn’t even beat the Minnesota Vikings. Here’s the whole of Week 9 in the NFL:
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NFL Week 9 Matchups To Watch 2014

Peyton Manning’s matchup against the New England Patriots this weekend is not the only game, but it’s the only one anyone cares about.
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Ready For Another Peyton Manning Vs Tom Brady Playoff Matchup? It’s Coming

After a slow start that had folks talking about Tom Brady as if he were one nail short of being in a football coffin, the Patriots have looked unstoppable on offense.
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Marcus Lattimore: What Aspiring Footballers Can Learn From His Story

Marcus Lattimore is giving up the game of football for good. One of South Carolina’s greatest players ever has announced his retirement from the NFL
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NFL Week 9 Preview 2014

Peyton Manning faces off against the New England Patriots this weekend for what could possibly be the last time in his glorious career. The Manning-Tom Brady has been fantastic
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NFL Week 8 Review 2014

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new semi-professional football league called the FXFL. To give you a feel for how this league is, Jordan Jefferson and Tahj Boyd are starting quarterbacks
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NFL Teams Bottoming Out Halfway Through 2014 Season

There are four teams that I will make a case for their fans to find another team. I could go as far as six teams but I want to pick on the worst of the worst. Also, I would have to include my Atlanta Falcons