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Movie TV Tech Geeks have expanded their sports section to really focus on America’s biggest pasttime Football. We’ve got a few passionate fans of the sport writing for us so you are up to date on everything football NFL related.

Colin Kaepernick jumps to top spot on 2016 NFL Most Hated list football images

Colin Kaepernick jumps to top spot on 2016 NFL Most Hated list

Colin Kaepernick Tops 2016 List of Familiar Faces on NFL Most Hated List
Young NFL players hurting football 2016 images

Young NFL players hurting football

NFL Head Coaches and General Managers Agree on One Thing: Players are Younger, and Football is Worse Off as a Result
virgil green owen daniel on denver broncos 2015virgil green owen daniel on denver broncos 2015

Denver Broncos 2015 NFL Draft & Offseason Recap

After a 12-4 finish and another early playoff exit in 2014, the Denver Broncos came up short of their Super Bowl-or-bust goal for the third season in a row.

Eli Manning ready for fans to calm down after Giants loss

Eli Manning Tells Everyone to Calm Down After Giants Week One Loss
nfl 2015 logo image

NFL Week 6 Preview 2015

Well the 1972 Miami Dolphins got to pop their champagne a lot earlier than normal as the last two undefeated teams fell in Week Five. The Raiders and Jaguars are still on pace to join the 1976 Buccaneers
nfl 2015 logo image

NFL Week 7 What To Watch For 2014

Cam Newton is finally looking good after coming back from his surgeries this offseason. Newton sucked his first few weeks back, but he has put up over 30-points per game each of the last two weeks including 37
peyton manning continues run as nfl touchdown king 2015

Peyton Manning Continues Standing Alone As Touchdown King Plus AFL Stats

Peyton Manning now continues to own the all time record for touchdown passes. He went past big media favorite Brett Favre, who apparently is working full time on a farm in the deep south after his NFL retirement.
marshawn lynch oakland raiders deal not quite real but good pr stunt 2017 images

Marshawn Lynch Raiders deal not quite real but good PR stunt

Marshawn Lynch May be More of a Publicity Stunt than a Real Solution for Oakland Raiders
is patriots tom brady heading to supereme court keeping deflategate alive 2016 images

Is Patriots’ Tom Brady heading to Supreme Court keeping Deflategate alive?

Tom Brady May Still be Trying to Weasel Out of 4 Game Deflategate Suspension

Top 10 Hypothetical NFL Prop Bets For 2014

I love to look at crazy NFL proposition bets, AKA prop bets. These wagers are usually most seen around Super Bowl time. You will see things like coin toss result bets, Super Bowl score versus an NBA game score

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