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Movie TV Tech Geeks have expanded their sports section to really focus on America’s biggest pasttime Football. We’ve got a few passionate fans of the sport writing for us so you are up to date on everything football NFL related.

nfl draft 2014 images

2014 NFL Draft: Which Teams Will Benefit Long-Term?

Which teams stand to gain the most from the 2014 draft, which is almost upon us?
johnny manziel tight bulge spot for cleveland browns 2015

Johnny Manziel’s Athleticism Is A Double Edged Sword

How would you like to be Johnny Manziel? The kid is on top of the world. He is an NFL quarterback with the universe at his finger tips.
cam newton ready for a chat with roger goodell 2016 images

Cam Newton ready for a chat with Roger Goodell

Cam Newton Rips ‘Bullcrap’ No-Calls on Hard Late Hits, Vows to Speak with Roger Goodell
josh norman learns proper nfl insulting from jay glazer 2016

Josh Norman learns proper NFL insulting from Jay Glazer

Jay Glazer Teaches Josh Norman the Proper Way to Insult Officials in the NFL
vikings sam bradford trade gets biggest nfl cutdown reaction 2016 images

Vikings Sam Bradford trade gets biggest NFL Cutdown reaction

You can tell the new NFL season is about to begin as last minute trades and cutdowns were in full effect this weekend. Saturday saw its share of them as NFL teams got down to the 53-man limit for the regular season.
Mike Vick Return to Georgia Dome Reaction 2017 images

Michael Vick Return to Georgia Dome Reaction

I feel kinda bad for the people who will have to watch if Michael Vick does make an appearance at the Georgia Dome when the Falcons face the Saints on Sunday.
eli manning wants more equal time with rookie davis webb 2017 images nfl

Eli Manning wants more equal time with Giants rookie Davis Webb

After the draft, Eli Manning decided to give the third-round rookie QB a call. But things got a little awkward between the two when the 22-year-old Davis Webb called the two-time Super Bowl champion “Sir.”
eli manning can take whatever ben mcadoo gives him 2017 images

Eli Manning can take whatever Ben McAdoo gives him

Ben McAdoo Throws Eli Manning Under the Bus, but Giants Recovery Starts with Him
Seven Things Johnny Football manziel can Do about Social Media Drama 2015 nfl images

Seven Things Johnny Football Manziel can Do about Social Media Drama

As Johnny Manziel tries to become the full-time starter in Cleveland, he keeps getting tripped up by a familiar opponent, himself. While the Browns prepare to play Pittsburgh this Sunday Manziel is having to answer for some social media photos that popped up
patriots winning draft ways nfl

Patriots prove to have winning NFL draft formula

The 2017 NFL Draft is here, and one of the best teams to watch for a winning formula is, of course, the New England Patriots. This year, they will either be very quiet or in overdrive. Those always seem to be the two speeds for the team during this time.

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