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Movie TV Tech Geeks have expanded their sports section to really focus on America’s biggest pasttime Football. We’ve got a few passionate fans of the sport writing for us so you are up to date on everything football NFL related.

High school athletes still in danger of brain injuries, CTE

Not long after the latest NFL CTE study came out, people were wondering what effect this would also have on high school sports. Now we have our answer.

J.J. Watt Leading the Houston Texans on a Redemption Rampage

Losing to the Miami Dolphins was the final straw. With the Houston Texans sitting at 2-5 after a 44-26 loss, a switch flipped in J.J. Watt.

Thursday Night Football could bring Atlanta Falcons back down to Earth

There’s no doubt that the Atlanta Falcons are feeling pretty good about themselves after they ripped the victory away from the Packers last Sunday. The entire city had a nice vibe after the win.

Peyton Manning finally makes NFL retirement official

After 18 seasons in the NFL, countless records, and one of the best careers in the history of professional sports, Peyton Manning is retiring a champion.

Downhill for DeMarco Murray & Philadelphia Eagles

The first hole in the dam of the Philadelphia Eagles just spouted off with DeMarco Murray openly saying he is not getting enough touches in Chip Kelly’s offense. Murray didn’t go on a big T.O. type rant.

Tom Brady’s ‘Deflategate’ ended by Federal Court

It appears that the New England Patriots' Tom Brady's "Deflategate" has been snuffed out, not to mention our national nightmare having to hear those words for so long.

NFL Teams To Hang Your Super Bowl 2015 Hopes On

With each new NFL season, fans can begin to dream of playoff runs and even a trip to the big game at the end of it all. The NFL draft along with free agency can bring back the most bitter fan

What LeSean McCoy Kiko Alonso Deal means for Eagles & Bills

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was given complete control over the team’s roster early this offseason, and he has wasted no time making a blockbuster move.

Atlanta Falcons New Stadium proof of NFL obsession

Just how popular is the NFL? I could point to the fact that most sports fans would prefer watching a preseason NFL game to going on vacation with LeBron James.

Johnny Manziel will even take a college coaching gig now

Johnny Manziel Considers a College Coaching Career as NFL Prospects Dry Up

Ray Lewis comment on Colin Kaepernick met with NFL silence

Ray Lewis Suggests Colin Kaepernick’s Girlfriend’s Racist Tweet may have Cost him Ravens Job

Jets Todd Bowles feels Ryan Fitzpatrick’s anger

Ryan Fitzpatrick Blasts Front Office After Leading Comeback Victory over Baltimore