powerball lottery vs daily fantasy sports 2016 images

Powerball Lottery versus Daily Fantasy Sports

In case you've missed all the free advertising the TV news has given the Powerball Lottery the past week, let me get you up to date. ComeSaturday night some lucky bastard will walk away with more than $800 million should he pick the right six numbers
Elusive Outliers for DraftKings on Wild Card Weekend 2016 images fantasy football

Elusive Outliers for DraftKings on Wild Card Weekend

I could just lie about how easy it should be to find outliers in DraftKings tournaments for the upcoming Wild-Card Weekend. You folks are smarter than that though and surely realize that with just four games on tap you have to dig deeper
New York AG Eric Schneiderman Ups Daily Fantasy Sports Ante

New York AG Eric Schneiderman Ups Daily Fantasy Sports Ante

New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman ups Ante in Head to Head Battle with Daily Fantasy Sports
2015 The Year In Sports Bad Balls & Fantasy

2015: The Year In Sports, Bad Balls & Fantasy

2015 is about to wrap up in case your empty wallet post-Xmas didn't confirm it. With 2016 on the horizon we need to take a look back at the year that was in sports.
DraftKings Weekly Report The Jerick McKinnon Surprise 2015 nfl images

DraftKings Weekly Report: The Jerick McKinnon Surprise

If you have blown through your DFS bankroll for the 2015 NFL season then you can either study up on some NBA fantasy stats or find a part time job slinging pizzas to build some cash up for next football season.
draftkings fanduel holiday gift lawsuit to illinois attorney general 2015 images

DraftKings & Fanduel’s Holiday Gift Lawsuit to Illinois Attorney General

DraftKings and FanDuel might be rival companies, but they know when to join forces, or at least work together for the same outcome.
draftkings outliers week 16 holiday game pressures on 2015 danny woodhead

DraftKings Outliers Week 16: Holiday Game Pressure’s On

Stick with the mainstream fantasy players this week in big tournaments and you will win $6. Take a risk or three in order to give yourself the best shot at winning real money on DraftKings.
draftkings weekly report thank you odell beckham jr 2015 nfl images

DraftKings Weekly Report: Thank you Odell Beckham Jr!

Lots of interesting storylines to get to after week 15 in the NFL on DraftKings, not to mention season long fantasy leagues.
Fantasy Football Start Sit NFL Week 15 drew brees 2015 images

Fantasy Football Start Em Sit Em NFL Week 15: Drew Brees & DeMarco Murray

We’re in the homestretch of the NFL season, and for the majority of leagues, it’s coming down to the last few teams. If a chance at bragging right for the rest of the year can’t convenience you to set your lineup, I don’t know what will.
draftkings weekly report russell wilson pays off 2015 images

DraftKings Weekly Report: Russell Wilson Pays Off

Another week, another millionaire. There were a few thousandaires made in the past week on DraftKings as well. I was not one of them, maybe a nickelnaire with my $6 winnings.

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