seattle mariners tops in mlb american league west 2016 images

Seattle Mariners tops in MLB American League West

The Seattle Mariners are playing .618 baseball into mid-May following a sweep over the last few days of the Tampa Bay Rays. With an overall record of 21-13, the Mariners are 1.5 games up in the American League West on the Texas Rangers
chicago cubs baseballs best so far 2016 images

Chicago Cubs: Baseball’s best so far

The Chicago Cubs have really started the season on incredibly impressive form. The Cubs are 29 games into their schedule and they still only have six losses on the entire season.
arizona diamondbacks shelby miller feeling the mlb pressure 2016 images

Arizona Diamondbacks’ Shelby Miller feeling MLB pressure

Already a month into being part of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Shelby Miller hasn't yet proven his trade value yet. General manager, Dave Stewart, thinks the right-hander is putting too much pressure on himself after his high profile major December trade.
Philadelphia Phillies Playing 600 Baseball Through 25 Games 2016 images

Philadelphia Phillies Playing .600 Baseball Through 25 Games

The Philadelphia Phillies are an early surprise in Major League Baseball. Projected for a last placed finish in the NL East during the pre-season, Philadelphia has been the strongest team of late in the majors.
chicago white sox sweep toronto blue jays baltimore next 2016 images

Chicago White Sox sweep Toronto Blue Jays: Baltimore Next

It's a good thing Torontonians are likely preoccupied with the post-season efforts of the Toronto Raptors at the moment. If they weren't, then they might see something that is starting to become clear: the Blue Jays aren't that good.
baltimore orioles continue to surprise 2016 images

Baltimore Orioles continue to surprise MLB fans

The Baltimore Orioles remain a surprising team so far in the 2016 Major League Baseball season. The O's, at 10-4, currently lead the American League East by 3.5 games, with all other teams in the division posting losing records
philadelphia phillies vince velasquez pitching like an ace 2016 images

Philadelphia Phillies Vince Velasquez pitching like an ace

The Philadelphia Phillies may have only been 5-5 heading into play on Friday. However, thus far they have received some fantastic pitching from a 23 year old that has very little Major League Baseball experience.
Red Sox, Jay and Orioles prove MLB American League is upside down 2016 images

Red Sox, Blue Jays and Orioles prove MLB American League is upside down

The Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox were more or less co-favorites in the American League East when they entered the 2016 Major League Baseball regular season.
Top 5 below the radar American League hitters fantasy picks 2016 joey rickard

Top 5 below the radar American League hitters fantasy picks

Guides or advice on how to win at fantasy sports are available in abundance. But to sum it all up in a nutshell, you just have to be able to see an angle on a pick that a lot of other fantasy players do not see.
john andreoli one of the top below the radar cubs hitters 2016

Top 5 below the radar National League hitters

Spring training in Major League Baseball is nothing but exhibition. The players don't care much about winning and the managers are tinkering with both lineups and strategies as they try to work their players

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