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American League MLB Week 9 Winners & Losers

Jose Bautista’s bat came alive this past week as he helped carry his Toronto Blue Jays for the week. We saw a very similar style of production from his teammate Josh Donaldson last week but with out the team running off five straight wins.
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American League Week 9: Twins & Astro’s Hold Top Spots

The first full week of June is in the book as the Major League Baseball season continues to roll along. As we prepare for the warmer months of the season as well as the upcoming All-Star Game taking place in Cincinnati.
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American League MLB Week 8 Winners & Losers

The American League continues to provide us with some great action but we have also seen some struggles. This past week we saw a few teams as well as players put together some big weeks but we also seen a few players struggle.
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Astros & Twins Top Week 8 American League MLB

The work week has officially kicked off for most as the second month of the Major League Baseball season has come to a close. As June opens up today, we have a chance to take a look at not only who has played well around the American League
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American League MLB Week 7 Winners & Losers 2015

The new baseball week got underway this past Memorial Day as we say Thank You to all the men and woman that have served. Through the endless hard work put in by those it allows us a chance to enjoy another terrific Major League Baseball season as well
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2015 National League MLB Week 7: Tampa Bay Rays On Top

The Monday morning blues might have set in for some but for most of us today is a chance to celebrate the men and woman who have served our country for us to enjoy baseball on Memorial Day.
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American League MLB Week 6 Winners & Losers 2015

The Major League Baseball season continues to heat up as summer approaches. One of those teams that have gotten hot of late is the Chicago White Sox. The same White Sox team that had struggled to start the season and could have even landed on our losers list a few times.
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2015 National League MLB Week 6: Astros Hot Streak Continues

The 2015 Major League Baseball season continues to move along as the American League action starts to heat up. It seems like Déjà vu as the Houston Astros continue to be the hottest team in the division despite failing to have any prime time players.
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American League Baseball Week 5 Winners & Losers 2015

The American League is slowly taking shape after five weeks of action. That being said not every team that was expected to compete has played as well as the experts have thought.
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Yankees Royals & Astros Three way Tie: American League Week 5

The baseball action continues to get hot in the American League as three different teams have 20 wins to start the season. Those three teams include the New York Yankees in the East, the Kansas City Royals in the Central and the Houston Astros in the West.

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