Rescue Me

This is our special section where we feature animals that are looking for a great home. We also write articles on taking care of your pets and keeping them healthy.

Meet Leo, rescue cat of the week at NSALA ready for...

Rescued from the New York Tri-State area, Leo is a three and a half year old grey, domestic tabby cat. He has a soft, short fur coat with white patches on his face, chest and paws. Not only does Leo have a soft exterior

Rescue dog Dixie ready to be adopted at NSALA

Just one and a half years old, Dixie is a lively Cattle Dog/Shepherd mix. She is a mid-sized dog with a mainly black and brown coat of fur, as well as a bit of white fur around her chest and belly.

Meet Moose, NSALA’s rescue cat looking for a new home

Moose found a great new home this weekend. 2017 has been incredible as every rescue pet that's been featured on Movie TV Tech Geeks has already found a home!

Meet Molly, ready to get adopted at NSALA

Four-year-old Molly is a Lab/Boxer mix, who was fortunate enough to be rescued by the folks at North Shore from down in Tennessee. Molly is a medium-sized pup, who has a mainly black coat of soft fur

King ready for a wonderful new home for 2017

At 5 years of age, King is a handsome and lovable, medium-sized Pointer/Terrier mix. Fortunately, North Shore was able to rescue him from down in Tennessee

Pompi’s ready for a great New Years 2017 home

Still a relatively young pup, Pompi is a one-year-old Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix. Weighing about 20 pounds, this perky little fellow was fortunately rescued by North Shore from Tennessee.

Top 10 Gifts for Your Pets

With Christmas now here, it is the perfect time to finish up your holiday shopping. While you may already have an idea of what you are going to get your family and friends, you can’t forget your favorite furry companions.

Top 7 Essential Holiday Pet Tips

Since it is now officially winter, it is the perfect time to brush up on some of the need-to-know facts about taking care of your favorite furry friends this season. While the snow, cooler temperatures and holiday cheer can be very exciting

Rescue cat King Henry ready for a warm throne for the...

The handsome King Henry is a young adult, domestic longhaired kitty. Fortunately, he was rescued by North Shore from the New York Tri-State area. He has beautiful, soft long white fur and striking yellow-green eyes.

Maya: Our featured holiday rescue dog ready to be adopted at...

Maya is a beautiful 3-year-old American Pit Bull/Terrier/Pointer mix. She has a soft, short black and white fur coat and adorable brown eyes. Maya is a fairly lean dog with a medium-to-large stature. She is very playful and energetic

Make Sophia’s holiday bright by adopting her

Rescued by North Shore from Tennessee, Sophia is a 2-year-old Cattle Dog Mix. She has a soft brown and black coat of fur with merle markings that are indicative of her Australian Cattle Dog breed.

Gopher this amazing cat plus NSALA’s great Black Friday pet adoptions

Gopher is an adorable 6-year-old shorthaired domestic cat. He has soft grey and white fur with a vibrant pink nose. North Shore Animal League America rescued Gopher from the New York City area