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Meet Tom: Animal League America’s Latest Pet Ready To Be Adopted this Holiday Season

Tom is a handsome Chihuahua mix, originally from California. He arrived in Long Island at North Shore a couple of weeks ago (as mentioned above) and is hoping to find a loving, warm home this holiday season.
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ADOPTED: Meet Chase: Animal League America’s Latest Pet

Chase is an adorable, shorthaired domestic cat. She has a raincloud-like grey coat that has a glossy effect due to the hints of silver within her fur. Although she is a mature 11-year-old cat, she has plenty of years of love and joy to give to her new family.
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Meet Cuervo: Animal League America’s Latest Adoptable Pet

Cuervo is a large and goofy Lab mix. He is a mature, 10 years young dog, who still loves to have fun, play with his favorite toys and go on regular outings.
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Meet Glitter: North Shore America’s Latest Adoptable Pet

This week we are pleased to feature Glitter, the second adoptable cat we have featured on our site. Glitter is an adorable, 3-year-old domestic cat. She has black and white shorthair, a cute black nose and beautiful, bright green eyes.
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Meet Pixy: North Shore America’s Latest Adoptable Pet

This week we are showcasing Pixy, an adorable adult Yorkie mix who is ready to find a new family!
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Prepare Your Pet for Flu Season

Every year, when the seasons change from fall to winter you can count on two things – the arrival of colder weather in most regions of the country, and flu season rearing its ugly head.
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Meet Pippin: North Shore America’s Latest Adoptable Pet

Pippin is a young adult boxer mix. She was rescued from Virginia with six of her own young pups that she was nursing and caring for upon intake. Pippin is a shy dog, but has a very sweet personality that is friendly, affectionate and loyal.
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ADOPTION UPDATE: Meet Whispie: Animal League America’s Latest Adoptable Pet

Whispie is a stunning, young tortoiseshell cat, with bright green eyes. She was rescued from the New York Tri-State area and is patiently waiting at North Shore for a new home.
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ADOPTION UPDATE: Meet Daisy: Animal League America’s Latest Adoptable Pet

Today we are pleased to introduce Daisy, the adoptable pet of the week. Daisy is a stunning, Alkita/Husky mix. Daisy was actually adopted from North Shore’s shelter when she was a baby.
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Gettings Your Pets Ready For Cold Weather

With winter approaching and temperatures dropping it is time to ensure that, as a pet owner, you know how to best care for your furry friend. Through our teaming up with North Shore Animal League America, we are happy to be able to provide pet owners with some helpful tips that apply to caring for your favorite companions during the winter season.