Adopt Me

This is our section where we feature dogs and cats that are in need of a great home.

Meet Rubi NSALA’s rescue dog ready to be adopted

Great news! Rubi has found a wonderful new home. It had been a few weeks since we featured this wonderful Pitbull/Terrior and Boxer mix. We have a special place in our hearts for Pitbull's

Meet Leo, rescue cat of the week at NSALA ready for...

Rescued from the New York Tri-State area, Leo is a three and a half year old grey, domestic tabby cat. He has a soft, short fur coat with white patches on his face, chest and paws. Not only does Leo have a soft exterior

Rescue dog Dixie ready to be adopted at NSALA

Just one and a half years old, Dixie is a lively Cattle Dog/Shepherd mix. She is a mid-sized dog with a mainly black and brown coat of fur, as well as a bit of white fur around her chest and belly.

Meet Moose, NSALA’s rescue cat looking for a new home

Moose found a great new home this weekend. 2017 has been incredible as every rescue pet that's been featured on Movie TV Tech Geeks has already found a home!

Meet Molly, ready to get adopted at NSALA

Four-year-old Molly is a Lab/Boxer mix, who was fortunate enough to be rescued by the folks at North Shore from down in Tennessee. Molly is a medium-sized pup, who has a mainly black coat of soft fur

King ready for a wonderful new home for 2017

At 5 years of age, King is a handsome and lovable, medium-sized Pointer/Terrier mix. Fortunately, North Shore was able to rescue him from down in Tennessee

Pompi’s ready for a great New Years 2017 home

Still a relatively young pup, Pompi is a one-year-old Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix. Weighing about 20 pounds, this perky little fellow was fortunately rescued by North Shore from Tennessee.

Rescue cat King Henry ready for a warm throne for the...

The handsome King Henry is a young adult, domestic longhaired kitty. Fortunately, he was rescued by North Shore from the New York Tri-State area. He has beautiful, soft long white fur and striking yellow-green eyes.

Maya: Our featured holiday rescue dog ready to be adopted at...

Maya is a beautiful 3-year-old American Pit Bull/Terrier/Pointer mix. She has a soft, short black and white fur coat and adorable brown eyes. Maya is a fairly lean dog with a medium-to-large stature. She is very playful and energetic

Make Sophia’s holiday bright by adopting her

Rescued by North Shore from Tennessee, Sophia is a 2-year-old Cattle Dog Mix. She has a soft brown and black coat of fur with merle markings that are indicative of her Australian Cattle Dog breed.