rescue black lab costello ready to spring into a new home 2017 images

Rescue Black Lab Costello ready to spring into a new home

Just one year old, Costello is a handsome male Lab mix. His soft fur coat is mainly black, but he does have some white patches on his chest. Costello was fortunate enough to be rescued by the staff at North Shore
meet glitter nsala adopted cat movie tv tech geeks

Meet Glitter: North Shore America’s Latest Adoptable Pet

This week we are pleased to feature Glitter, the second adoptable cat we have featured on our site. Glitter is an adorable, 3-year-old domestic cat. She has black and white shorthair, a cute black nose and beautiful, bright green eyes.
meet ciera nsalas rescue dog of the week needing a good home 2016 images

Meet Ciera, NSALA’s rescue dog of the week needing a good home

Ciera is a four year old, adorable little Chihuahua mix. Ciera has a primarily white coat of fur, but also has patches of a beautiful light brown color on her two perky ears and a few other places on her small frame.
rescue cat moose adopted movie tv tech geeks 2017

Meet Moose, NSALA’s rescue cat looking for a new home

Moose found a great new home this weekend. 2017 has been incredible as every rescue pet that's been featured on Movie TV Tech Geeks has already found a home!
rescue cat jim bob hoping to spread his west virginia love to new home 2017 images

Rescue cat Jim Bob hoping to spread his West Virginia love to new home

Jim Bob is a young, 1-year-old male shorthaired, domestic cat. He was fortunate enough to be rescued by the admirable staff at North Shore from previously unsuitable living conditions in West Virginia
meet cheddar nsalas latest adoptbale pet cat 2016 images adopted

Meet Cheddar NSALA’s latest adoptable pet cat ready for a home

This week, our Adopt Me feature pet is Cheddar, and I can honestly say I don't think she will be staying a North Shore Animal League America for long as she's the most adorable thing you have seen.
Meet Rita NSALA’s latest adoptable dog ready for a great home 2016 images

ADOPTED: Meet Rita NSALA’s latest adoptable dog

At just a year old, Rita is a Cattle dog mix rescued from Kentucky. She is a healthy and active young girl, who would do best in a home that has a fully fenced-in backyard
meet tennessee nsala adopt me movie tv tech geeks 2016 adopted

Meet Tennessee, NSALA’s Latest Pet Ready To Be Adopted

Tennessee is a handsome Lab-Terrier mix, which was rescued from a municipal shelter in none other than Tennessee! At 5 and half years old, he has both a playful and calm spirit.
espresso bean adoptable dog rescue 2016 imag ADOPTED

Meet Espresso Bean NSALA’s latest adoptable pet dog ready for a home

Just 4 months old, Espresso Bean is an adorable and unique looking Newfoundland/ Australian Shepherd mix. Fortunately, North Shore was able to help rescue her from Virginia and is now working hard to find her the perfect forever home.

Meet Scout, NSALA’s Latest Pet Ready To Be Adopted this New Year

Rescued from Upstate New York, Scout is an orange and white shorthaired, domestic cat. At 2 years of age, Scout has both a laid back and a more playful side to his personality.

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