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This is our section where we feature dogs and cats that are in need of a great home.

Meet Glitter: North Shore America’s Latest Adoptable Pet

This week we are pleased to feature Glitter, the second adoptable cat we have featured on our site. Glitter is an adorable, 3-year-old domestic cat. She has black and white shorthair, a cute black nose and beautiful, bright green eyes.

Yellow Labrador Hunter ready for a great summer home

Hunter is an adorable, 8-½ year old Yellow Labrador mix. He was fortunate enough to have been rescued by the staff at North Shore from his previously unsuitable living conditions in Tennessee.

Rescue dog Dixie ready to be adopted at NSALA

Just one and a half years old, Dixie is a lively Cattle Dog/Shepherd mix. She is a mid-sized dog with a mainly black and brown coat of fur, as well as a bit of white fur around her chest and belly.

ADOPTED: Meet Spock NSALA’s latest adoptable dog

Spock is a 10-year-old, spunky purebred Miniature Poodle. He was rescued by the shelter from the Midwest and is now temporary residing at their facility while he waits for a welcoming family and home.

Meet Maddie, rescue cat ready to be adopted at NSALA

Maddie has found a great home just two weeks after we featured her on Movie TV Tech Geeks. Keep checking our Adopt Me section as there's more wonderful pets looking for a great new home.

ADOPTED: Meet Emory, NSALA’s latest rescue dog

At just 2 years of age, Emory is a handsome Chihuahua Mix. Fortunately, he was given a second chance by North Shore Animal League America, as they were able to rescue him from the Midwest.

Meet Espresso Bean NSALA’s latest adoptable pet dog ready for a...

Just 4 months old, Espresso Bean is an adorable and unique looking Newfoundland/ Australian Shepherd mix. Fortunately, North Shore was able to help rescue her from Virginia and is now working hard to find her the perfect forever home.

Rescue Black Lab Costello ready to spring into a new home

Just one year old, Costello is a handsome male Lab mix. His soft fur coat is mainly black, but he does have some white patches on his chest. Costello was fortunate enough to be rescued by the staff at North Shore

ADOPTED: Meet Princess Peach NSALA’s latest adoptable dog

Princess Peach is a 3-year-old Chihuahua and Corgi mix. Rescued from Virginia, she is a beautiful little girl, with soft white and orange fur. Her big, pointy ears and adorable little smile will undoubtedly have you falling in love.

Meet Didi, NSALA’s Latest Pet Ready To Be Adopted this Holiday...

Didi came a long way to find herself a new family, as she was rescued by North Shore from the inhumane and cruel conditions of the meat trading industry in Thailand. She is a Shiba Inu mix who is beautiful on the inside and out.

ADOPTED: Meet Tuco NSALA’s latest adoptable dog

Tuco is a handsome Terrier/Hound mix, which the shelter believes to be approximately 8 months old. This striking young pup was fortunately rescued by North Shore from down in Virginia.

Rescue cat Jim Bob hoping to spread his West Virginia love...

Jim Bob is a young, 1-year-old male shorthaired, domestic cat. He was fortunate enough to be rescued by the admirable staff at North Shore from previously unsuitable living conditions in West Virginia